Step Aside Swarovski, Titanium Is The New Phone Bling

Kylee Ryers
March 3, 2019

$2,500 price tag for an engraved titanium phone might seem a bit steep, but an Italian manufacturer has decided to issue 20 iPhones and 20 Nokias with engraved images of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. This was to commemorate the meeting of the superpowers at the G20 summit. While this particular range is limited, titanium is fast becoming one of the most sought-after materials in mobile devices, whether it’s part of the design process or as an added means of protection.

Pricey, But Worth It

Mobile devices, while efficient and fast becoming the go-to means of accessing the internet, are also inherently fragile. That heart-stopping moment when a phone drops to the floor is enough for any user to dish out some extra cash in order to get adequate and additional protection. Titanium is known as the hardiest precious metal on the planet and is just about indestructible. For those who simply can’t afford to lose their mobile device to gravity, a titanium phone cover is a no-brainer. The Advent Aurora titanium iPhone case retails for around $1,295 and is considered the priciest iPhone X case in the world.

What A Single Sheet Of Metal Can Do

A single titanium plate is used in the manufacturing process of one of the most innovative mobile phone designs of our time. The Gresso Regal is a sophisticated smartphone that makes use of Android OS technology, but the sheer luxury in the design sets this phone slightly higher than the rest. Apart from titanium, the phone also uses 18k gold. The company is also known to produce titanium iPhone cases and other luxury accessories that will not only cost a pretty penny but undoubtedly be an interesting conversation starter too. The Gresso Regal will set consumers back a hefty $3,000, which is a far cry more than even the iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy 10. In fact, it makes these phones seem cheap.

Stronger Than Titanium?

The Turing phone was supposed to be the answer to all our security and structural integrity needs when it came to mobile devices, even going as far as to boast a phone case that was tougher than titanium. The material used in the case was none other than liquid morpheum and seemed to be the antidote to the cellphone graveyard. Fast forward a few years and the Turing phone is yet to land.

A new design concept, the Turing HubblePhone, seems to be the new phone on the cards for release in 2020. This model features a titanium aluminide frame which is paired up with the Turing liquid metal to provide users with a smartphone that will set the new standard for how user interact with their phones. The design concept of having an upper deck and the main deck will allow users to ditch their other devices such as laptops and tablets entirely, as this phone allows greater flexibility to allow multitasking.

With the addition of titanium to mobile devices, users can expect these devices to be more hardy and robust than ever before.

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