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Daniel Wilson
January 17, 2019

If you are looking for a comprehensive pocket reporter, explore Fox News app at It proved to be one of the most stable and convenient Android and iOS tool for watching, reading, and listening to the recent USA and world news.

Real Value

Every news corporation has its site and application, but not many of them provide such a complex full-circle mobile channel. We were surprised at, that FN app has different convenient versions not only for Android and iOS smartphones but also for TV, tablets, and even Watch OS. It means that you would be provided with a home and on-the-go unified informational ecosphere with no probability of losing something.

It’s important to notice that Fox competes with apps by CNN and NBC, but thousands of user reviews argue that Fox provides one of the most unbiased and quick representations of USA and world scenario. However, it’s up to you to figure it out.

Less Time, More Info

Fox News application smart algorithms know how to built threads out of news you are excited about. It means that you don’t have to spend additional time scrolling around to find related pieces. There’s a home tab for that purpose. Just enter the app and swipe down to catch most important leads in a fully automated news-feed.

It also knows how to playback live radio, podcasts, videos, and streams, while you read related articles. It’s like sitting in your armchair with a newspaper and a TV on but in a much more compact format. Highlighters and pencils are also past because you can save any important news on your phone and go back to them offline if needed. Basic separate feature access is also available in a single tap via Listen, Watch, and Browse tabs.

What is more, tangible interface lets you build your threads by sticking to Fox highlights and personalities. It’s clear, that feed enables you to know facts as they appear, while daily and weekly shows give a more comprehensive look with analytics.

Hands off mode are also here. Just adjust notifications and receive alerts on breaking news and your top-interest pieces. Push-ins may be attached to real personalities and stories.

Technical Quality & Updates

There are no issues with the app’s stability on iOS devices. Minor freezes and crashes may occur only on old models of iPhones, such as iPhone 4, 4s and 5 because they don’t support iOS 10.3 and later versions. It means that they don’t receive updates. iPhone 5s and younger generations work fine. feedback research shows that Android users may face freezes and crashes after the last update. There are a few complaints on the Play Market that Live TV feature may not work for subscribers, even if there were no provider and settings changes. There’s also an issue with commercials which may be replayed multiple times in a single advertisement section. Hopefully, CA studio developers repair it soon.

The Verdict

Fox News application news coverage remains in top-5 of App Store and Play Market due to the quality of Fox’s personnel work in collaboration with developers precision. Most versatile news app so far.

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