Sometimes Good Technology Debt Can Easily Go Wild

Cindy Hawthorne
May 9, 2019

People do believe that there are some debt forms, which are actually good but can leave you to one bad place if not propositioned well. After going through serious educational sources, you might have got yourself a great job that you love. But, that does ruin the fact that you have a huge student loan debt right on your shoulder, which you resent completely. Debts are presenting huge impacts on people’s life and for good reasons as well. Right from the career choice you have made to the path of reaching success, you need monetary support all the way. That monetary support comes as student loan, which later leaves you in huge debt.

Some debts have been proven to be “good” as those are used for helping you shape up your career. For example, you have student loan noted to be a “good debt” as it helped you to study and bag a great job you like. But, that does not mean the debt will leave you once you get a job. It will only be out of your life once you have repaid it in full. So, understanding the notion between good and bad debt is important.

Dealing with good and bad debt:

The notions behind good or bad debt are noted to be the short hands of investors for understanding whether the kind of borrowing you are dealing with is likely to pay off in the longer run.

Student debt is mainly defined to be good debt. However, it might allow the borrower to just increase the income in one long run. But, as the countless former students are struggling with the debt, it can be clearly stated that the good debt can be a source of stress and even financial difficulty.

It is true that you are increasing the earning potential to a great extent, but it can further affect the 20s. For the students, it becomes really anxiety including to just look at the present bank statement they have and column, which is no doubt soul crushing.

The concept behind good and bad debt:

Traditionally, the good debt is mostly a sort of help to gain in come or wealth while the bad debt is the amount spent on goods, consumed with time. A break down might help you to understand the good and bad debt better. If the money is used for inventing technology, which is going to work in a long run to earn profits for the company, it is called good debt. But, if the technical invention is not likely to last for long then that will be termed as bad debt.

The examples of good debt:

Mortgages will be the one example of good debt. It will help you in building equity in the real estate, making it profitable with passing time.

Then you have student loans, as already discussed to help in increasing the earning power over here.

Apart from that, you have the investment or business loans to make starting up and even running businesses possible and they are meant to be crucial for the currently business growth.

Few examples of bad debt:

You have the auto loans for the vehicles, which will help in losing value the moment you get to drive them off from the lot.

Credit cards are the purest example of bad debt with highest form of interest rates and used quite largely to the area under financial consumption.

Payday loan will be one another example with highest forms of interest rates. It comes with high fees and will be contributing more to keep the lower income people in the debt cycle.

Source of the good debt:

In some parts of the world and mostly in the developed sector, the largest source of the good debt happens to be mortgage. The people in these parts are mostly unequivocal in supporting of the mortgages. In the 2013 poll from the Association of the Accredited Mortgage Professionals, around 80% of the people will agree that mortgages are examples of good debt.

  • However, a recent study has indicated that half of the homes owning adults, who are young, are experiencing buyer’s remorse. Here, the highest servicing cost than debt is the main reason for that.
  • So, it can be well stated, in other words, that good debts can easily turn bad, mainly if you have unfortunately more than what you can handle for now, not just financially by psychologically as well.
  • There is no such thing as the bad or good debt. Asking if a debt settlement is good or bad is more like asking the same question to bread. It is a silly question as that matter is the positive part of it for you.
  • You might think that using credit card to borrow money for a vacation is example of bad credit, but you never know but this holiday was necessary for improving mental health of someone you love.

So, the use of debt depends a lot on the person using it. There is no good or bad part to it for sure. Make sure to use the debt, which will be valuable for you to cover right now.

Right amount determination is important:

Determining the right amount that you want to take under debt is what you might be aiming for. If you can select an amount, which is enough for your use and which you can repay back on time without facing any difficulty that will be the “good debt” for you. Otherwise, there are high chances of you falling not just into the jungle of debt, but ending it with bankruptcy. So, make sure to get in line with the right amount, which you want under debt for sure. It is enough to determine if the amount taken falls under good or bad debt. For more details in this regard, asking the loan companies can help you in big ways.

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