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July 2, 2020

Even with the lockdown being eased somewhat there are still those industries that have to wait before they can open their doors to the public again, bingo halls are still silent when once they buzzed with the sound of friends and family meeting up to have a good chat and a few laughs together. 

Luckily for the bingo lover, online bingo has evolved to such an extent that they can be part of the online bingo community even in lockdown, but of course, not all sites are as good as each other, choosing where to play can be somewhat confusing, this is where an online bingo comparison site like is worth its weight in gold as new bingo sites appear daily on our pages.

How Does New Bingo Sites Work?

Much like any other comparison site which you would use to find a new car or home insurance a new bingo sites comparison site brings together only the very best new sites offering comprehensive reviews written by unbiased bingo enthusiasts and professional which are open to read by potential players and those already hooked on the age-old game of bingo. 

But Isn’t Bingo More a Game Played by the Older Generation? 

No, not at all!  Gone are the days when the game of bingo was viewed as a game played by the older generation on a Saturday night down at the local bingo hall. Today bricks and mortar venues hold party nights, themed nights as well as offering dining options. 

The younger generation has latched onto the fact that bingo is a fun, exciting and more importantly social game that is easy to play which ticks a lot of boxes for many.

Playing Online at New Bingo Sites

Because bingo halls are still not open many bingo lovers have turned online for their gaming fix, consequentially we are seeing more new bingo sites appear on our pages almost daily. 

This is great in one way but can also prove confusing for new players trying to find a site to play at that is safe, secure and fair. 

One of the most popular ways to play bingo is on a phone, convenient, fast and able to play whenever and wherever you happen to be is just what many people want today, but which site would be the best for this experience?

This is where New Bingo Sites comes into its own. 

Spearheaded by a team of bingo enthusiasts and professionals New Bingo Sites look at each brand new bingo site,  trying the games and then checking all the important points are in place that adds up to a top-notch site to play at, with one of the major ones being able to play over every platform including mobile devices

Other points are also checked like each new bingo site should hold a current gambling license, that only the latest encryption software is in place to ensure player safety as well as checking that there is a good selection of popular banking options available. 

Bonuses and promotional offers will be looked at for their generosity and regularity for both new and existing players. 

The software providers will be looked at to make sure that only the best in the industry are used to ensure the quality of games on offer, also the number and variation of games will be checked. 

The bingo community will be viewed to make sure it is both vibrant and welcoming to all players. 

The team at New Bingo Sites will also make sure that the customer support team is professional and welcoming as well as making sure that the new bingo site can be contacted in several ways by its members. 

There should also be a comprehensive FAQ page for self-help and the whole site should be totally transparent and written in jargon-free language. 

When everything has been checked and only then will the new bingo site be added making New Bingo Sites the go-to place for all of your bingo needs.

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