Online Bingo: How the Websites and Apps Compare

Hammad Basharat
December 10, 2019

There’s no escaping it: bingo is back as a dominant force in gaming. Not
only are people returning to the bingo halls, but the digital versions – which
spurred the massive comeback – also aid in earning a huge audience.

We sometimes talk about the new bingo variants which have encouraged people
to come back to the halls – such as nightclub bingo and other such events – but
in its traditional form, bingo has been found to have more players than UK
Amazon Prime Video or Apple Music has subscribers, as per

Over the years, mobile and online play has become increasingly important to
the survival and now the prolonged popularity of the classic British pastime.
Mobile gaming is fast becoming the dominant force in all lines of gaming, but,
given the obvious technical advantages that laptops and computers have over
smartphones and tablets, is it better for bingo fans to play on their
laptop or their mobile?

Bingo on the laptop

On a bingo website, you’ll encounter a very lively screen filled
with promotions, ongoing games of various jackpots, popular rooms, and a
selection of other casino games that can be played by users. These can
range from scratchcards to online slot games. 

The main reason we’re here, though, is for the bingo games. As iGaming has
become so diverse, some games can drown in the ocean of titles. So some bingo
websites can end up seeing their bingo offering get overwhelmed by the other
games. At websites like PP bingo,
however, bingo is very clearly shown as the prominent feature, making it quick
and easy to enter into games. 

With the Windows 10 interface, laptop-based bingo play is at its finest. As
the game itself is fairly simple and doesn’t require too much intervention,
bingo lovers can utilise the snap feature of internet tabs to either play two
games at once or play one game while keeping an eye on upcoming game

Bingo on mobile

Leading online bingo providers will make sure that their mobile offering is
as identical on a mobile interface, as it can be to their website-based
offering. Game rooms will have the same schedules, buy-ins, and jackpots,
merely offering a way for people to play bingo on the go. 

On the mobile interface, be it an Apple or Android device, control options
do become somewhat tedious. Mobiles and the touch-screen interfaces are
generally more convenient and easier to use due to them just requiring a few
taps of the button. However, whether you’re playing in the Deal or No Deal
– based on the classic game show that concluded
in 2016
– bingo room or a slot game, for example, you may find yourself
becoming disgruntled with the limited access to only one game at a time and the
need to return to the home screen to find new rooms.

So, while mobiles offer greater accessibility and convenient access to the
gaming platform, while in the games themselves, usual Windows 10 users may
become frustrated with the limited navigation. That said, using the
touch-screen to perform the game actions instead of a mouse and cursor is
slightly more preferable.

Bingo website vs
Bingo app

Online bingo has evolved to the stage where it can offer the same classic
game in new and improved rooms to the same level of quality for both computer
and mobile players. However, the ability to snap tabs on a Windows 10 computer
so that you can play and watch or play two games at once gives laptop-based
bingo an edge. Mobile bingo is more convenient but navigation is, naturally,
very one-directional.

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