Why I Can’t Take Good Pictures With the OnePlus 5

Thomas Wellburn
August 2, 2017

The OnePlus 5 is a great handset with a solid shooter but for some reason, I can’t stop taking pictures of my own finger…

I’m having a lot of fun reviewing the OnePlus 5 right now, but I’ve also noticed a couple of problems which seem to effect the camera. Maybe it’s because I’m left handed… but I prefer to hold the phone with the fingerprint sensor on the rightmost side when taking pictures. This means that a sensor orientated in the top left of any device can be obscured when using it two-handed. I experienced it with the iPhone 7 to a lesser extent but with the OnePlus 5, it’s really hampered my experience with the flagship killer.

Observe the dreaded finger! As you can see from the title image, holding the phone in my usual way obscures the camera lens quite significantly. I had to make a conscious effort every time I took a photo not to block the lens, which I can’t say I’ve experienced with any other handset in recent memory. Flipping the phone the other way solves the problem, but feels unnatural for us lefties.

Maybe it’s because I have unnaturally long fingers? Maybe I just suck at taking pictures? Who knows…

Sound off in the comments below if you’ve ever experienced something similar with your own smartphone!

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