Mobile Accessories for the Online Gambler

Chrysty Miles
December 8, 2019

Thanks to the advancement in mobile technology, you no longer need a laptop or desktop with extensive specs to enjoy your favourite casino games. Today, all major casinos are taking significant steps to offer you full casino website functionality on your Smartphone or tablet and ensuring that your games load seamlessly and quickly so you can enjoy your games anywhere on the go. To transform your game into a true online gambling machine, you may need to grab a few accessories. These accessories will extend your phone capabilities to make your gaming even more enjoyable.

Get a controller

Using the touch screen does not exactly make the gameplay enjoyable, especially if the touch screen lags. Moreover, since smartphones were not designed to be used in landscape mode, holding one for long can cause hand cramps and other forms of discomfort.

Get yourself a controller; these are designed to either connect wirelessly via Bluetooth or via USB. A controller will work great on your Android, iOS smartphone or tablet or Android TV, and many other gaming platforms. This way, you will not always have to have your phone right there as you play, and the controllers are easy to use. You will also feel like you are playing on a console.

Most players have preferred the SteelSeries controllers, but a deep dive into Amazon and other online shopping sites will provide you with a controller that suits your pocket and performance needs.

Keyboard and mouse converter

These converters are another brilliant alternative to the smartphone touchscreen. However, any gaming expert will tell you that using a keyboard and mouse converter to bypass the screen only will be a serious waste of resources. These converters come with serious features that enable you to enjoy fast-paced games efficiently and without any lag. These peripheral devices are designed to automate tasks by recording a series of control actions. Once you activate the inbuilt macro, you unlock a powerful gaming tool that can breeze through any gaming requirements.


Everyone knows that the sound offered by a smartphone speaker is no fun, so enhance your gaming experience by getting yourself some cool headphones. If you are in a high-stakes game, the last thing you want is to be distracted by external noises from your neighbours. Look for a pair of wireless headphones whose audio will bring out the finer details in your games’ soundtracks and present them to you just how their designers intended you to hear them. Wireless headsets will bring your online gambling to life, and ensure that you do not get tangled up in a mess of cables and wires after.

If you are interested in a two-way interaction, you can get a headset with a microphone. Find you a headset with external noise cancelling, customizable LEDs, Dolby Headphone Technology, and a feature that allows you to share the audio with another set so you can enjoy gaming with a partner. Another aspect that many gamers forget is the battery life; anything above 30 hours is worth it since you do not want a power cable running next to your ears as you play.

Power banks

There would be nothing more annoying than finally finding the perfect free spins offer (find out more about these) while on a commute and then discovering your phone is about to die because you don’t have enough charge. Get yourself a power bank that has at least 10,000mAh to help you recharge your device on the go. Ensure the pack you choose is slim, portable, and offers USB-C power delivery so you can take advantage of awesome bonuses and promotions anytime you find them.

VR headsets

The era of AR/VR gambling is here, and what better way to enjoy it than with a nice set of VR headsets? VR technology has become less expensive as it has become more common, and so, VR gaming will be the norm. Sony, HTC, Oculus, and Samsung are the major companies to have in mind when shopping for a pair of VR headsets. Also, ensure that your chosen set of headsets is comfortable and is compatible with your smartphone. Another feature to look out for that will make life easier is the ability to wear them over a pair of glasses.

Choose the best

The accessories listed above will help you avoid bad audio, lagging screens, hand cramps, and all the other demerits that make mobile gaming unattractive.

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