(ISC)2 CISSP Certification Helps You Boost Your Career in Cybersecurity with Prepaway

Tim Van Divort
May 16, 2019

If you are looking to advance your career in IT and get a well-paid position, then you may want to earn the CISSP certification. This credential is globally recognized and vendor-neutral.It encourages its holders to work in any desired IT field without limitations. This article is going to illustrate the evidences that the Prepaway certificate is advantageous and useful these days.

What is(ISC)2 CISSP certification?

CISSP, or Certified Information Systems Security Professional,is a credential in the sphere of information security. It isoffered by the International Information System Security Certification Consortium, or (ISC)2. It also offers a range of other certifications, such as SSCP, CSSLP and CAP. This is a global company that deals with people specializing in cybersecurity and IT. It is also a nonprofit organization.

What is (ISC)2 CISSP exam?

The certification exam has a balance of different types of questions, including multiple choice. The total score of the test is 1000 and the minimum score needed to pass the exam is 700. The estimated cost of Prepaway is $699.

The CISSP test measures your competence in 8 domains. They are the topics you must be good at to pass the exam and become certified. They are as follows:

  1. Asset Security
  2. Security Operations
  3. Security and Risk Management
  4. Identity & Access Management
  5. Software Development Security
  6. Testing and Security Assessment
  7. Security Engineering and Architecture
  8. Network Security and Communication

Work experience is mandatory for the exam and the certification process. It will allow you to prepare better and to pass the test. Another essential thing is that your job experience must be relevant to at least two of the domains of (ISC)2 Prepaway. The certification requires a four-year college degree, the regional equivalent of it, or an advanced degree in Information and Security from the U.S. CAE/IAE.

There are usually a lot of reliable resources such as books and websites that you can use for your studying session for the CISSP exam. There are even the designated tutors who teach you and provide these courses. They explain different types of questions and comment on how to solve them.

However, nobody wishes to spend money when there are numerous practice tests and braindumps that can be found online and downloaded for free. Besides, there are many ways to practice for the CISSP exam online, such as eBooks, course tutorials and VCE simulators. These materials are of great use to train and prepare theoretically and practically with a proper understanding of the concepts.

Why should youopt for CISSP certification?

The CISSP certification is acknowledged to be one of the most recognized credentials in the career path of IT. It has even been taken up by the US ISSEP for the foundation of NSA. This (ISC)2 certificate is one of the most ideal certifications. Obtaining CISSP, you are opened to a lot of job opportunities, such as an Information Systems Security Professional,an Information Security Manager, a Security Engineer, or even a Chief Information Security Officer.

As CISSP is one of the earliest certificates to be developed in the IT industry, it has the greatest amount of time dedicated to its research and advancement. There have been three years of compilation of information in security technology, which gives additional the prestige of ownership.As the tech savvy inventions of the modern day increase so does the risk and security alert of all the information that is being processed over these networks. Thus, the demand of people with the CISSP certification is also high. With CISSP, you have a greater scope of attaining more credible jobs with time.

Cyber attacks have become far more common with the evolution of technology. This tech-savvy generation also increases the danger of it falling into the wrong hands. As technology has become a source of storage of vital information, it is necessary to have it protected. This also means the need for more IT technicians. Therefore, CISSP is one of the most important evidences of your expertise, which is highly preferred.Another great benefit your CISSP certification brings about is the access and membership into the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, or (ISC)2. Members can use the official website for more detailed information that is not commonly found. The membership also makes you liable to discounts on IT conferences, subscriptions to the (ISC)2 digital magazine and a lot of knowledge and information that may be useful for your career.

As it was mentioned earlier, this certification will help you earn much more in comparison. It is even recorded that certified specialists have an income of about 25% more than uncertified individuals. That is the reason to consider petting some effort in order to pass the CISSP exam.

How much can a person earn with CISSP certification?

The InfoSec Institute has recorded that the average salary for a woman that has the CISSP certificate is between $73,627 and $111,638, whereas the estimated salary for men who have this credential lies in the range of $78,788 and $119,184, which means that CISSP provides you with some of the highest paid jobs.


CISSP is one of the most acclaimed certifications to hold. It offers a great deal of advantages for you in your career, in your earnings, in your knowledge and your lifestyle. It is even globally recognized as a standard of achievement. There are many reasons why this certificateis so popular and everyone wants to have it. This credential is definitely worth your time and energy you will spend while preparing and practicing for this exam. This certification will bring many great opportunities in your life.

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