Is the Age of Smartphones About to End?

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October 28, 2019

Ever since smartphones came into everyone’s life, communicating with each other became so much easier. There is no one who wanted to go back in time when everyone is still using rotary type telephones. Smartphones provided great convenience to everyone, not just a tool for communication but also for entertainment.

Smartphones provide a lot of great features like taking good quality pictures and videos, browsing the web, playing music, open different types of applications, and much more. Some smartphones are also capable of outdoor activities because of their water and scratch resistance The capabilities of smartphones are just endless and it is continuing to evolve.

Every single day, there is a new and updated version of each smartphone in the market right now. Each phone maker or brand is continuing to compete with others by making their unique key features. With every new advancement and great smartphone technology, is the age of smartphones about to end?

Constant Change of the Market

The main problem of the smartphone market is that buyer trends are always changing. Most of the consumers are starting to become more careful with their buying decisions, and profit is starting to decrease because of that. To take back the market share and keep customer loyalty, you need to innovate the features which the customers are citing.

Most of the brands that are not very popular before are catching up to the leading brands and because of this, the consumer or buyer of those leading brands is transferring to these new brands because of their unique technology and at the same time, they are cheaper. Examples of these new brands are Oneplus, Oppo, Xiaomi, Vivo, and much more.

Since most of the smartphones have the most advanced technology, there are no rooms for big improvement anymore and because of these people are less interested. Innovation is always the biggest reason why people continue to buy the newest smartphones in the market. Smartphone innovators should think of a new idea that will create a new trend.


One of the main reasons why a smartphone right now is on a different level compared to the old times is because of AI (Artificial Intelligence). This kind of technology changed the industry in a very good way and also changed the consumer experience to their mobile devices.

Artificial intelligence can also be used to any type of devices like a smartwatch, smart clock, smart tv, and any other high-tech devices. That means the usefulness of smartphones is not that high anymore. There are a lot of things you can do to a device once it has artificial intelligence technology.

Smartphones screen also improved throughout the years, from the basic LCD panel to super AMOLED which most leading brands use to their smartphones. And now they have invented the flexible OLED which is used to the newest folding phones. This type of technology is not just limited to smartphones but it can also be used to other wearable gadgets.

Understanding the New Concept of Smartphones

Smartphones as a tool for communication and entertainment will stay for a longer period of time although you can expect that there will be some changes to its technologies to maintain the trend and evolution. You will be seeing more wearable devices such as smartwatch that can already compete with smartphones and this will also affect consumer’s buying choices.

The flexible phones are also climbing in the trend since users can experience larger screen displays that provide a clearer picture compared to smartphones which have limited viewing angles because of their size. It won’t be a surprise anymore if a certain company will create a floating screen produced by a mini wearable projector. This is all because of technology.

In the near future, the trend of smartphones will not always be about the fastest processors, higher pixel ratings for smartphones cameras, larger screens, battery capacity, large phone memories, and durability. People are expecting something new and exciting and that will change everything. It might not happen right away but there will a time for that.


You might encounter new high-tech devices that will make your life more convenient than before. But there will be no other device that can replace the type of convenience that a smartphone gave to everyone. You can expect that there will some changes but that will all be about the design and additional features.

Talking about the end of the smartphone era is kinda bit impossible. Even though you can see a new type of device in the market right now that has the same features with smartphones such as sending text messages, calling, setting alarms, and receiving notifications. All of these devices will never have a chance to beat the level of convenience that a smartphone provides.

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