Is it Possible for Casinos to be Eco-Friendly?

Kaushal Malkan
October 28, 2019

Casinos all over the world that are based on land are linked with light flashes, bright lights, beautiful fountains, alluring, and chic hotels. This has led to tremendous pollution in the past and has been growing ever since. However, there have been numerous instances of people, all over the world, voicing concerns about the increasing downfall of climate affairs.

Their concerns about the environment are making the people more aware of the disastrous situation, and the $450 billion casino industry has taken their first, baby steps to make substantial changes to the carbon footprint they produce.

Getting into the Scene

For a basic casino, a huge amount of electricity is required. These electrical systems include flashy lights, music systems and speakers, gambling machines and slot machines, the bar and restaurants, entertainment systems, and security devices since most of the casinos are operated through the night.

It is an ideal scenario to transform these casinos into eco-friendly spaces so that power wastage is minimum or at least is kept under sure-shot checks and balances throughout the time that they are running. The main question here is this: how can a casino that is based on land be converted into an eco-friendly venue effectively?

The culture of gambling across the world is constantly expanding as multiple casinos, based on land, are opening across continents at a rate faster than ever. The craze of gambling has taken the people by a rush and in an ever-growing spirit of the games. It is also news that due to the growing changes in the climate and the deterioration of the environment, many people have been wanting to resort to environmentally friendly and “go green” casinos to keep their carbon footprint in check too as well as be contributing to the changing climate affairs of the world.

The first step in analyzing and understanding the needs of a more environmentally friendly and greener casino system in the world is to realize the kinds and types of changes that need to be brought in the system and the prerequisites of an ideal climatic environment.

Let us look at some spheres of an eco-friendly casino that need to be kept into consideration for a more environmentally friendly ecosystem. Some of the main common areas which we can change to improve a casino that is land-based are as follows:

Switching to Online Casinos

One of the best options for people is to switch to online casinos instead of actual ones since the former does not require any of the prerequisites of a physical casino and only an online investment to the game. Some of the good online casinos are Betcoin casino, which is a cryptocurrency based casino, which is actually better than a regular one since it has all games and a dealer who is dealing with them live.

Cryptocurrency can be converted into chips and be used for trading in online casinos. Online casinos are eco-friendly by virtue of their basic nature. Thus, they are an option to be considered instead of actual casinos.

Construction of the casino and the way that it is built

The primary step which might not also be very significant is that builders and architects of places like casinos should use more modernized technology to build these places. It should be done in a way where we do not have to limit the resources and their usage, but in a way where the requirement of power and electrical outlets is itself minimum but enough for a good experience.

The construction should be considering the methods of the building, which also keep intact the aesthetics of the place but at the same time, do not consume too much pollutive energy. Also, another important part of having to build an environmentally friendly casino is the strategic planning of lighting, heating, and cooling. This holds places in the most primary considerations of the place.

Preferring Biodegradable Material for Construction

Natural materials should also be used while constructing a casino. Using materials that are recycled and recyclable like marble, timber, and slate are great alternatives for the traditional stone and brick. Casinos also must start utilizing solar panels instead of non-renewable energy sources.

Solar panels may be difficult to install initially, but the amount of cost they cut out is impressive, and they are definitely a long-term solution to places that consume a lot of energy, especially casinos. Recycled water should also be used instead of bottled water for the hundreds or sometimes thousands of people who turn up at such places. Water from the kitchens can be boiled to get rid of any germs and can be used for purposes of drinking or at the kitchen, again.

Ecologically friendly lighting and that should be done in a limit

Using lighting that does not put a very high load on the energy supply is always a good option for casinos. Energy and cost-efficient LED lights can be used as one of the best ways in order to decrease electrical output and conserve energy.

Heating of the casino and the energy-efficient methods for it

Most casinos around the world have a boiler room in their premises to generate the required heat for the guests. This heat is used in multiple ways, like operating the generators, warming the casino, and heating the water for usage. It is important that casinos channel this excess heat somewhere else so that there are the least consumption and most preservation of energy.

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