How to completely switch from desktop to your smartphone

Konstantin Rabin
March 9, 2020

Smartphones are often referred to as the future of technology. It is being developed every day and manufacturers are coming up with ideas that make smartphones very popular among people with different backgrounds.

There are many industries that offer users one of the greatest experiences on mobile devices. Developers are creating their apps so that they can be used by mobile users without any problems. For a very long time, it was impossible to imagine a world where you could do everything with your smartphone that you usually do with your PCs.

There are hundreds of other games and things you can play and do with your smartphone. But, you should keep in mind several things before you decide to completely switch to smartphones from your desktop.


There are several things you need to consider before you decide to completely switch from your PC to mobile phone. First of all, keep in mind that the experience is totally different. The main difference between PCs and Smartphones is their size. Smartphones are a lot easier to hold, carry, and use in general.

It might be hard for someone who is used to having a big screen, but after some time, it becomes a lot easier. Since the new smartphones offer quite a big screen, using them will give you one of the best experiences.

More opportunities with smartphones

There are tens of different companies that are creating special content for smartphones. There are games that are being developed for smartphones, programs, different applications, and even content that once was designed especially for PCs are being created for mobile devices.

Smartphones are becoming so popular around the world that more and more new Norwegian mobile casinos, referred to as Norsk mobil casino by Norwegians, are starting to pop up all over Norway, and this happens while it is considered to be illegal. The world domination of smartphones is ensuring that the future does really belong to this technology.


Most of the gamers will tell you that it is impossible for smartphones to ever change the gaming experience PCs can offer. But, if you look at the speed of the development of Smartphones, nothing can be considered impossible.

There are hundreds of different developers that have managed to create special versions of their games. There are even some games that are specially created for smartphones, so it is not that hard for mobile developers to create a device, that will offer everyone something that they are looking for.

In the first years of smartphones, they were not as smart, to say the least. But during the last years, smartphone manufacturers created devices that can be used by everyone, mostly everywhere.

Internet Connection

Other than the ability to connect the Wi-Fi network, Smartphones have the ability to have their own mobile networks. This might be a premium feature, but can be super useful in many situations.

Modern mobile phones offer 5G connections, which is very fast and can make your experience with smartphones the best at the time.

Mobile networks can be accessed almost everywhere, and you can also share them with your friends or for yourself with other devices.


The design of the phone is something that might be a little strange for desktop fans since there is no mouse to navigate. But, thankfully, new smartphones have a multi-touch screen, which makes the experience with a smartphone a remarkable thing.

The biggest advantage of smartphones can be said to be its size. You can carry them everywhere, giving you the opportunity to keep in contact with the world no matter where you are.


Storage has always the biggest disadvantage of smartphones, but it is not anymore. There are new smartphones that offer users up to 1,5 TB of storage, plus the ability to use SD cards to make it even bigger.

So, with today’s smartphones, you have the opportunity to save all your personal data, play amazing games, have an incredible exceptional experience, access the fastest 5G internet, and call and talk to anyone mostly any time of the day.

Future of smartphones

This field is developing so fast that it is almost impossible to know what can the future bring for smartphones, but one thing is very clear, the development will not stop. There are many manufacturers who are constantly coming up with new ideas.

Previously, Samsung released a new flip phone, which is considered to be a huge step forward in the world of mobile. Previously, Samsung also had a foldable phone, which had some problems but still is considered to be a great innovation. There are some other manufacturers working on foldable phones.

The smartphone industry changed completely after Apple announced its first iPhone in 2007. Since then, the development did not stop. Every year, hundreds of different companies are coming up with unmatchable and incredibly smart ideas, that ensure that the future of smartphones will be nothing but amazing.

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