How to Become An Expert In Social Media Relationships

Cheryl Hearts
July 26, 2019

Constantly posting informative or engaging content on social media can get you, followers. However, it does not necessarily retain them or get them interested in your brand. What helps you maintain a large following is building quality relationships with your target audience.

Social media might be a virtual world, but it does not change the fact people react more to those they can relate to. Posting content might be enough for marketing, but the conversations that go beyond products build relationships.

Many brands wonder how they can establish trustful relationships with people they don’t see. The answer is simple, and we are about to discuss how you can become an expert in the sphere of social media relationships.

Define Your Target Audience

Most people think that social media means the entire world is their oyster, and they can reach everyone, but that is not true. You have to streamline your message precisely to the people you are targeting and focus on connecting with them.

To do this, carry out your research to find out their values and preferences. Remember there’s a lot of noise on the Internet. So you have to focus your attention on what’s relevant and leave out what’s not.

Listen More 

After getting your audience, the next step is to listen. Often, brands are more interested in making sales that they fail to pay attention to what their followers are saying. However,  research has shown that brands who pay attention to complaints make more sales. 

Listening more also gives you an idea of what is important for your followers. Moreover, it helps you provide them with the appropriate content that connects with them.

It also shows that you value their feelings, and their opinions matter you. Don’t forget that people like to have their opinions heard and respected. So by giving them a voice, you create a bond with your audience.

Give a Quick Response

Giving a quick response is as vital as listening well; according to Social Habits, 32% of social media users expect their complaints to have an answer within 30 minutes. Not addressing it soon enough means there’ll be a falling out that might strain the relationship between you and your audience.

As mentioned earlier, attention increases revenue, and quick responses contribute also. Attention gives people a feeling of importance. So make sure to answer their questions with speed and convenience to show your followers that they can trust and rely on you.

Sometimes a  customer may solve his complain himself. But it’s still vital to send out a response that you are aware of the issue and available for them whenever they need you.

Get Personal

While brands want to make sales and bring in profits, people want to get treated as something other than a source of income. They are interested in knowing the heart and soul of the brand, discovering its values and what makes it tick. 

To accomplish this, they need to see that brands are more than corporations. Posting photos about employees, writing content that tells the story of how a product came about and posting videos that show the production process are ways to foster a good relationship.

You also can establish relationships by using useful Twitter and Instagram communication tools.  Have a live Q and A segments, where you can actively interact with your followers.

Another great way to get a little bit more personal is by responding to messages using the names of those who send out messages and giving personalized answers.

Plan Giveaways and Competitions

Giveaways have become one of the ways that brands and individuals show their subscribers that they value and appreciate them. It is crucial to building mutually beneficial social media relationships, and the best part is that it is a win-win situation.

With giveaways, everyone wins; the brands get awareness for their products, and the followers get rewarded for their loyalty. Note that when you establish a good relationship with your active audience, they will be glad to promote you for free.

Also, plan competitions where you give out prizes to those with the highest level of involvement. Often, brands reward their most active followers and those who retweet or repost their content more than others.

It shows those who get rewarded and those who don’t, that you value their commitment to your brand and cements your relationship with them.

Surprise Your Customers 

When a follower regularly patronizes, and share the content on your page, reward them by putting them up for your followers to see. Note that this is different from a giveaway. 

Under this head, you do things like “Appreciation Tuesdays,” where you share the photos of your most active followers and those who use the product or services you offer.

When you do this, you send the message, “I see you and appreciate you.” Always have at the back of your mind that everyone loves attention, so give it. 

Anticipate the Needs of Your Audience and Provide Solution

You anticipate the desires and needs of your target audience by sharing posts that give detailed answers to their questions ahead of time. So putting up content with answers to frequently asked questions helps you achieve your goal.

It communicates that you’ve been listening to them, and are interested in making the use of your product easier for them. 

Become an Expert

Social media has blended so much into the 21st century. So everyone has to learn how to interact with people they can’t see physically in a way that makes them feel like friends. All the points mentioned in this article would help brands and individuals become experts in building social media relationships.

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