Hey Apple, make this next!

Joanna Tatum
September 10, 2015

We guess what Apple’s going to reinvent next.

The wheel? The kitchen? Clothes? We think up some fun concepts that Apple might build someday.

1. The Apple Wheel

It’s the classic suggestion; re-invent the wheel. Well, why not? The Apple Wheel incorporates a variation of Apple’s 3D Touch system to sense the condition of the road surface. It passes the information back to your phone, which talks to your car’s onboard computer and adjusts the suspension to allow for the road surface. Rough ground? Unexpected potholes? No problem. It even has a Winter Mode that allows for ice and snow, and extrudes ridges from the wheel so that you have a better grip on slick surfaces.

2. The iCook

In honour of Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, we suggest the iCook. Cloud integration will now extend into your kitchen, with you able to control your oven, grill, and hob from your phone. The in-built timer will tell you when to check on your food, and Apple’s camera technology will give you a bird’s-eye view of your food in real-time as it cooks. It’ll even be integrated with Siri so that you can bring up recipes on your kitchen counter. “Hey Siri, how do I make pasta?”

3. The Apple Bed

If you’re going to have a watch that can take your pulse, why not extend that to the entire bed? The Apple Bed is in constant communication with your watch, and can adjust the firmness to improve your comfort when you’re tossing and turning. Proprietary heating and cooling technology means no more cold toes and no more overheating in the night, as the Apple Bed senses what you need and provides it. It can even send an emergency call if your heart stops beating or you have a seizure.

4. The iWear range

As suggested by the lead singer of One Republic at the Apple Event, we bring you iWear. Starting with the Apple Jacket, you can now read your messages and browse the internet from your sleeve. Flexible touchscreen technology picks up your gestures and turns your jacket into one giant iPad. Need a screen in a hurry? Just take off your jacket and use the back. There’s an optional folding keyboard that fits neatly in an inside pocket. And it’s even powered by your own kinetic energy – no more worrying about recharging it every night. An hour’s walk is enough to keep it going for 24 hours under normal use. It can also be recharged via USB 3.

5. Apple Glasses

More than just a pair of specs, the Apple Glasses automatically adjust to your prescription. Motion trackers notice where you’re looking and can bring up extra information on request. Just ask, “Siri, what am I looking at?” If she doesn’t sass you, she’ll bring up the information and even tell you the price and the closest place you can buy commercially available products. They’ll act as a Heads-Up Display too, mapping out your route and showing you messages, emails, and webpages. Apple Glasses can connect to your Apple Watch or iPhone, making them yet another extension of the immersive cloud technology Apple loves. Oh, and they come in Rose-Tinted, Cool Shades, Glare Reduction Yellow, and Boring Clear.

(Please note that the products listed here are fictional. If Apple ever does make these, we’ll be astonished and slightly smug.)

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