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Lisa Parker
March 10, 2020

Out of all the things many of us associate with childhood, fairgrounds have got to be amongst one of the most vividly and happily remembered. Everybody must have been to a fairground at least once, with their exciting array of activities, games and food they really did seem like utopias at the time. In fact, this is one of the reasons why parents are so keen to take their own children to fairgrounds when they pass through town because it gives an innate feeling of nostalgia that can be hard to get anywhere else. Also, interestingly enough, fairgrounds and the history of gambling are actually richly intertwined, with many of the casino games we take for granted today coming from these places originally. Bingo, originally called “Beano”, is probably the main one, however, lots of historians also point to the fact that Charles D. Fey, inventor of the world’s the first slot machine back in the late 19th Century, might have also taken vital inspiration from his years touring fairgrounds.

The reason why such games as Eyecon’s incredibly successful Fluffy Favourites are set in a fairground now makes even more sense. Yes, the primary purpose of this aesthetic is certainly to promote a childhood nostalgia, however, it can also point right back to the roots of slot gambling, something many people tend to miss. Now the Australian developer has made a Fluffy Favourites sequel of sorts, aptly named Fluffy Favourite Fairground. This 5 reel and 25 pay line online slot promise to take things to the next level; quite the ask when you consider how good the first Fluffy Favourites was. But here’s the thing: we all know by now how good Eyecon are at creating top-quality online slots, so we are sure they are going to be able to pull it out of the bag with Fluffy Favourites Fairground. But before you play fluffy at Wizardslots, just to make sure let’s take a deeper look at this online slot title.

About Fluffy Favourites Fairground and its aesthetic 

Of course, the original Fluffy Favourites was so well received that many online slot gamblers will be quietly hoping that Eyecon hasn’t changed much here, and in the realm of aesthetics at least Fluffy Favourites Fairground seems to be pretty unchanged in the grand scheme of things. The vivid and gentle childish colours of the original return here, however, there is a slight setting change as we now find ourselves in the midst of an exciting looking child’s fairground. This is true to the name of this new online slot, of course, and it keeps things refreshingly different form the original Fluffy Favourites, whilst keeping all the aesthetic features that we all know and love. 

Moving onto the symbols present in Fluffy Favourites Fairground, and these are all very familiar, as we have seen them before in the original Fluffy Favourites. Online slot gamblers will be able to encounter a host of their favourite fluffy toys on the reels, with anything from the lion, the panda, the goldfish, the pink dragon, the duck, the purple hippo, the giraffe, the blue rhino, the turtle, the pink elephant, and the chimpanzee being available. Some of these icons are new to Fluffy Favourites Fairground as well, ensuring that Eyecon has kept things interesting with this renowned online slot game franchise. 

About Fluffy Favourites Fairground and its game mechanics 

You would not really expect Eyecon to make any drastic changes with the basic game mechanics of Fluffy Favourites Fairground, especially seeing as the previous Fluffy Favourites game was so well received. What we have, therefore, is a pretty standard 5 reel set up – something that all gamblers, whether beginners or intermediates, will love. Eyecon have also included up to 25 pay lines here, however they are not fixed, so players can decide how many they want for themselves, a nice touch that allows for a lovely amount of customisation. This theme continues, as gamblers are given the chance to bet anywhere from 0.01 to 50.00 on one spin, something that is bound to more than satisfy high and low rollers alike. 

As for the RTP of Fluffy Favourites Fairground, this sits at a reputable, however slightly low 95.3%. Sure, there are online slot titles out there with better RTPs, but this isn’t the only way to figure out whether or not a game is worth playing. As we will see later on, Fluffy Favourites Fairground has an awesome new bonus features that can end up being highly lucrative indeed. Eyecon have also included an autoplay feature here, meaning that gamblers can spin those reels whilst doing other activities such as cooking dinner. 

About Fluffy Favourites Fairground and its bonus features 

The original Fluffy Favourites won lots of plaudits for various reasons, but one of the main ones was the fact that its bonus features really ended up sitting apart from the rest of the online slot universe. That trend continues here, as Eyecon bring back some of the bonuses found in the original game, whilst also adding some tantalizing new features into the mix too. As in the original Fluffy Favourites, it is the pink elephant symbol that forms the scatter, and this will reward up to 25 free spins. 

A new feature in Fluffy Favourites Fairground is the Hook-a-Fluffy bonus, something that is activated whenever you find one of the big top bonus symbols on the reels. This sends you through to a pick ‘em style round where you can win some pretty nice prizes indeed. 

About Eyecon and other slots by them 

There is very little left to say about Eyecon, considering they have been around since 1997 and are regularly mentioned amongst the leading developing companies in the online slots world. One look at their back-catalogue confirms why too, just take a look at some of these: 

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Fluffy Favourites Fairground: Best in the series? 

There is one simple reason why the Fluffy Favourites online slot series has done so well over the years: it is just that good! Fluffy Favourites Fairground only serves to make things better, hats off Eyecon.

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