Google announces two new Nexus handsets

Manny Pham
September 30, 2015

Google held their annual event to announce their new Nexus devices, this year we have been treated to two with the Huawei Nexus 6P and the LG Nexus 5X.

All rumours regarding the two new devices were true including the fact that Google would be unveiling two mobile phones instead of one. The Nexus 6P is Google’s new front-line beast of a phone improving on the hardware of it’s predecessor the Motorola Nexus 6. The “surprise” announcement of the Nexus 5X is a welcomed one as Google are attacking the mid-range market and seems to be in direct competition with the Nexus 6P and all rivalling flagship phones, as the specs definitely keep the device out of the Nexus 6P’s shadow. Why does Google make the Nexus series you may think? Well to obviously show off how powerful their OS can be and the new Android update Marshmallow 6.0 will be feeling very comfy with these new phones.

The Huawei Nexus 6P



Let’s start off with the big daddy. What the Nexus series usually has in terms of advantage over other Android phones is optimisation, combine optimisation with high end specs and you have the awe-inspiring Nexus series and the 6P carries that reputation on. Purring inside the 6P is the Snapdragon 810, the latest in Snapdragon’s line of processor. Complimenting the processor is 3GB of ram which is more than enough to run through the assumedly seamless UI. The display is a 2K AMOLED measuring up at 5.7 inches putting it in the phablet category, so for those on a power trip but have smaller hands, will probably have to consider the more diminutive 5X. The resolution is on par with the Samsung Galaxy S6 at 2560 x 1440 and with a pixel per inch of 515 matching up to the Samsung Note 5, the 6P is protected by the latest Gorilla Glass 4. On the camera front (or back) the 6P has 12 megapixels for the main camera, followed by 8 megapixels for the front facing camera. Google will release the Nexus 6P from 26 October costing £449 for 32GB of storage, £499 for 64GB, and £579 for 128GB in the UK. Silver, black, white and gold are the finishes the Huawei developed smartphone will be coming in.

The LG Nexus 5X

nexus 5x.jpq

LG are in command again as they take charge in developing the 5X, the sequel to their popular Nexus 5. Although it’s the least powerful device of the two, it doesn’t mean it can’t stand on it’s own feet. The LG Nexus 5X features a 5.2in 1080p screen with a density of 423 pixels per inch, which is protected by last year’s Gorilla Glass 3. The smartphone has the same Snapdragon 808 hexa-core processor as the LG G4, 2GB of RAM and the choice of either 16 or 32GB of storage. The 16GB Nexus 5X will cost £339 – £379 for 32GB of storage. It will be available in carbon black, quartz blue and ice white, and released on 16 October in the UK.

Both phones have features that are needed in this era of smartphones. Both boast quick charging and the new USB type-C connector, which is also seen in the OnePlus 2, providing users with that ease of plugging in your charger that iPhone users have been enjoying. But what really stands out is the new fingerprint sensor, which Marshmallow will optimise as Google aims to turn make fingerprint sensors the new norm in Android phones. with the fingerprint sensor you’ll be able to easily access apps, grant permission and casually pay for things as you go on about your day.



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