Fourteen Apps High School And College Students Must Have

Freddie Tubbs
November 27, 2018

We live in a world that runs on its apps, from mobile pay to parking charges, there’s not much you can’t do with an app in your pocket.

For high school and college students apps go more than just social media and messaging platforms, apps can be useful, they can help with research and homework, saving time and effort.

Here are nine of the best apps out there for high school and college students:

1. My Study Life

A free app that allows you to organise, lessons, assignments and tests. You’ll never miss a class again with the inbuilt diary that synchs from your phone to your laptop via your tablet and even works offline.

2. Dragon Anywhere

Basically a dictation app that allows you to speak your thoughts into your phone and then produces a transcript of what you said. This incredibly clever idea will go down with journalism students and anyone who prefers to think out loud when writing essays. At $15 it’s not cheap but well worth it if you struggle with writing or typing.

3. Sleep Cycle Tracker

Making sure you’re getting enough sleep to carry out your studies to the best of your abilities is essential and downloading a sleep tracker will help you get the eight hours you need to be fully functional.

Using your phone’s sensors, the sleep tracker will wake you up when you’re in your lightest sleep cycle, within a time frame that you set making sure you’re up and raring to go for the day ahead.

4. Movie Tickets

Everyone needs a little down time and with the MoviePass app, you’ll be snapping up tickets left, right and centre. Perfect after a long week of studying or as a mid-week treat.

This app allows the flexibility of booking on the day and often has discounted offers such as two for one tickets on sale.

5. Academ advisor

With a host of helpful tips on creating your perfect essay to grammar essentials such as handling homophones, this tool is everything a student needs to save time when it comes to proofreading and gaining insight into what tutors are looking for.

6. Circle Of 6

This super smart app will help keep you safe on and off campus. If you’re walking home alone late at night, use the app to send messages, map locations and information about your route to six trusted friends who will keep an eye on you and alert police if anything looks untoward. 

This app has won several tech awards for its safety features and looks set to become even more popular among high school and college students.

7. Boomessays

If you need a hand writing your thesis, tailoring your resume or creating perfect copy, this powerful online tool can help you to achieve all this and more.

8. Flashcard+

Taking inspiration from the paper version, flashcard+ works in exactly the way you think it would. Add the information on that you wish to remember and get going.

9. Stateofwriting

This writers resource contains everything you need to know from spelling check, to helping you to develop your style as a writer. Students will benefit from an inbuilt grammar guide and whole section dedicated to writing resources.

10. Simplemind

An excellent app for helping you to think out loud. With SimpleMind you can brainstorm thoughts and ideas and create useful mind maps online. To bring the app right up to date you can add media into mind maps.

11. UKwritings

This website offers the full package of writing services from essay and dissertation writing to help on your CV and proofreading. An essential for when you need to get your words exactly right.

12. Microsoft Office

This classic package has everything you need for school or college life and the fact that you can access it across all your devices and store documents on the cloud makes it a necessity.

13. Essayroo

With all your writing services under one roof, this resource also offers help with maths and science. For proofreading and help editing your essays and resume, this app has it all.

14. Evernote

The classic app that combines all your diary entries, worksteams, notes and tasks under one roof. Keep everything organized and study will be as easy as pie.

With all these apps on the market it’s hard to know which ones you really need and which are just trying to take advantage of students in what can be a testing and stressful time.

Of course, no matter which app you buy or what you do to record your data, revise your exams or keep track of your key dates, nothing is going to take the place of sheer hard work. Buy all the apps you need but don’t replace them for effort.

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Freddie Tubbs

Freddie Tubbs is a digital marketing strategist at Bigassignments. He regularly takes part in online tech and marketing conferences, and contributes posts to Australian reviewer and Writemyaustralia blogs.

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