Even a Schoolboy Can Work in IT

Chase Taylor
September 6, 2019

The use of information and communication technologies is not a fashion influence, but a necessity dictated by the requirements for modern education, work, and life as a whole. The use of computer technology makes it possible to make education attractive and truly modern, to individualize learning, to objectively and timely monitor and summarize the learning. Moreover, understanding and mastering of ICT is vital if person wants to start working in IT sector.

The notion many people hold about working in the high-tech sector especially IT is that it requires a person to graduate with a diploma, higher diploma or degrees from a secondary or higher learning institution. Refrain from this type of archaic thinking and get into a new profession of IT. If someone has the passion and are genuinely interested in learning IT then there would be no need of spending 4 or 5 years trying to become an IT specialist. All people need is to free up time in the schedule and take into account if the environment is ideal for learning a new set of skills.

There were conducted some researches by professional essay writing service, the output was very interesting. Similar experiment was done by SibEGDE IT company. They recruited nine and ten-grade students who had no idea what people in the IT sector do, for an internship program. The purpose was that untrained students from ordinary schools be selected randomly to go through a month-long internship program, testing web and mobile systems. To guide them through the program they were assigned mentors to, guide them on making test cases for systems, use of one research testing method to test systems, and working with technical documentation. This orientation was enough to enable the students to take the first step in testing IT systems.

Training in a new skill is never easy and these students /interns found out during their time at the company. Passion and self-drive are key factors when you want to learn and understand everything. Learning a lot of information and completing tastes was part of the interns time at the company.

For someone to work in the IT sector they do not need a diploma, higher diploma or degree because this field has no strict rules on education requirements. In the IT field, being competent is the most important. When being interviewed for consideration to work in the IT sector most companies evaluate the IT know-how by giving people a series of input test tasks that determine their suitability. With a secondary education, one can start working in IT an improve the skills by studying individually. With new technology coming being developed every year, will require someone to continuously update their skills by learning about the new dynamics and developments.

Schoolboys have a chance to work in the IT sector because most IT specialist pays attention mostly to the employee’s personal qualities without necessarily paying much attention to age. Always have the desire to achieve set goals.

Which are the Best IT branches for Beginners?

A Tester is the lowest level in the information technology sector. Smoothly climb up the IT branches by starting off as a faster and work upwards for this position. Depending on how a person applies themselves in the field of information technology will determine their growth. Most people start as testers grow from there because of the flexibility in this industry.

It is important to have an understanding of who a tester is. A tester is a specialist who seeks to find errors, and bugs in software by testing them to ensure that only quality products are developed.

There are several things expected from an IT beginner which include their testing process theoretical knowledge, do they understand the principles of the client-server application, readiness to focus on the project and the desire to learn a new skill to improve on theirs.

Getting started in the IT sector

A person looking to getting started in the information technology sector can do so through these three channels.

1. Starting the Long Way

This will require the need to go and get accredited with a diploma or degree in IT like software engineering, or computer science from an institution of higher learning. This is the commonly used way by people who want to join the IT field. The advantage of going it the long way is getting equipped with skills that ensure career growth and not being limited to being a tester. The disadvantage of using this way is the time required mostly between 2 and 5 years spending on the required skill set. Which is really not for everyone

2. Taking testers courses.

Join the IT field by taking testers courses online or attending information technology seminars. This is mainly used by those persons looking to learn by themselves without being held back by institutional bureaucracy. Most courses will last a few months and are always hands-on training sessions, which is why they are advantageous because time is saved. The only set back with this kind of training is the amount of information and tasks that will be required to be done.

3. Get an internship in an IT-company and learn from practically fro the field.

With mentors to guide a person, and real practice on real systems getting to understand the various challenges that will be encountered. Getting and internship can be hard because it requires time and most employers are not looking to hire interns preferring seasoned IT specialists

Yes, even a Schoolboy can work in IT. It is a matter of interest, motivation and the need to learn new thing that can propel a schoolboy into the IT field. They can start by becoming testers and as the years go by improve their skills by learning and keeping their information on matters IT updated.

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