Driving Traffic to Your Website with Web Design

Junaid Ali Qureshi
April 27, 2020

Many things are implicit. They are exactly straightforward. However, they still make sense all the same. When it comes to websites and other web-based content, it is all about getting traffic. The same way you want people to walk into your offline store of office, the same goes for websites. The question becomes “is traffic the goal?” No, traffic is not actually the idea of developing or designing any website. Like every other investment, the idea of developing or designing a website for your business is to get return on investment.

However, there are certain things that precede getting return on investment. I will give you a rundown as it pertains to website design or development for your business. It involves creating a website, driving traffic to your website, converting traffic to profits and you will get return on your investment. During the course of this article, we shall be looking at the aspect of creating your website and how it affects the flow of the website to your website. Remember, traffic is not the ultimate but it greatly affects the ultimate (return on investment). It is impossible to get conversions and return on investment without getting traffic first. With that in mind, we shall be considered driving traffic to your website with good web design.

Good web design helps your website load faster

These days, it is not a case of something happening but it happening faster than normal. The idea of 5G network service is a sign of the times. Nobody wants to wait for anything more than five seconds for a website to load. Anything more than five seconds, most people will use the back button and consult alternatives. With good web design, your website will load faster as a good web design will see that the contents of your website are optimized to load faster.

Good web design improves user experience and user interface

Like foundation, plugins are driving forces necessary for your website. If you are operating an e-commerce website, you should consider woocommerce smart plugins or woocommerce mix and match products. Not only for e-commerce websites, but even other websites also need good website designs. With good web design, the contents of your website will be optimized. This will make it easier for web users to easily locate what they want on your website.

Good website design emphasizes your website’s content

This is one aspect people tend to overlook. The idea of designing a website is to promote what you have to offer. You can only promote you have to offer via the contents of your website. In other words, the contents of your website should project the message you want to pass across. With the wrong web design, you will not be able to do that. Instead, contents like images may end up distracting web users instead of emphasizing your message. Good web design will direct web users to your message. A good website will provide web users with a call to action button instead of a link.

Good web design makes your website more appealing to web users

The beautiful thing about a good web design is that it is so simple and very appealing even from a glance. Good web design gives room for white spaces and does not cluster your webpage with images and content. This feature alone is enough to make an average web user keep surfing your website. Good web design will not make your webpage overwhelm web users with contents.

Good web design increases your chances of getting seen

Good web design will integrate all necessary features for your website. Good web design will integrate your social media pages and handles to your website. This will enable you to share the contents of your website to your social media pages with ease. You will be able to share the contents of your website to your social media handles with just one click. Furthermore, good web design helps you tick some boxes for search engine rankings. This increases the chances of your website ranking high in the results of search engines. This implies that you have better chances of being seen whenever someone searches for something related to what you offer.

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