Does Your Business Need Data Privacy? You Need Real Encryption!

Michael Adams
September 30, 2019

The surge of hacks and security breaches that has befallen some of the world’s largest corporations and even political parties has changed the way the general public feels about online privacy, yet even still most people and even businesses don’t take the proper steps to keep their communications secure.

Companies conduct business via regular email all the time, though it takes a sophisticated hacker only a matter of minutes to get inside a Gmail account. Everybody wants to keep their communications secure, but most people don’t understand how cyber security actually works. Thankfully, there are new products on the market which make it easy for non-experts to get the industry’s best security measures on devices that perform all the functions they’re used to.

End-to-End Encryption

The only way for your business to be truly secure is to use smartphones with end-to-end encryption. The word “encryption” is not new, but whereas earlier encrypted devices were cumbersome to use and had only a few basic features like email, today’s encrypted smartphones offer the same level of security but with easy and powerful features you’re used to.

Open-sourced PGP encryption has been around for at least two decades, but today’s solution for how to secure your phone with PGP encryption gives you flexibility and security like never before. One encryption provider offers what it calls ChatMail’s Advanced Messaging and Parsing Protocol (CAMP), boasting a seamless interface that allows users high levels of encryption software, and a range of features they frequently use on standard smartphones such as chat, group chat, image messaging and voice messaging.

Ease of Use

When using the industry leader’s platform, users don’t need to be tech experts to enjoy the most advanced security. When one user communicates with another phone by the same encryption provider, they’ll automatically be set up with the highest level of cryptography available ‘ Curve25519. There will also be an option for communicating with contacts using PGP encryption.

This way, you can reach a broader number of people while the phone effortlessly maximizes security. The contacts in your phone will be colour-coded according to which are internal or external contacts, making it easy to identify which is which.

Look for a platform that doesn’t store any personal information on a server; it’s impossible to intercept such information when it’s only stored on the phone itself. Even if you get a hold of the phone, ChatMail uses a secondary encryption to prevent physical intrusion.

For even more security, select an encryption service that gives you control over auto-delete functions. This way the user can decide whether to have their messages delete after a number of minutes or days.

Encryption Keys

The best encryption providers give users total control over their encryption keys, and lets them generate new keys easily and instantly. When using the best encryption platforms, the key cache is designed to fetch new public keys every twenty-four hours. You’ll never have to worry that you’re using an old key.

Cyber security is an important and complex topic: it can be the difference between business as usual and a calamity. Don’t be the next victim of a cyber security breach, and get real encryption technology today.  

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