Christmas Accessories and How do You Keep the Best Memories?

Peter Peng
December 27, 2019

There is probably no other extraordinary time of the year like our favourite winter Christmas. Everyone, however, thinking about Christmas, imagines something different. Single parents are happy about the family, which will finally gather when the children come home from student cities. Lovers will joyfully traverse the alleys of Christmas markets with mulled wine in hand. Children throughout the month will be waiting for gifts and favourite dishes on Grandma’s Christmas table. And although not everyone associates Christmas time with a period of warmth and happiness, it’s hard not to admit that the unique atmosphere is shared by everyone. Some will be encouraged, others will be depressed, but it is difficult to remain indifferent to Christmas. What makes this whole Christmas hustle affect us so much? How does it happened?

The answer is very simple – for the atmosphere of this special time to affect us so strongly, you must first create this atmosphere. In this respect, however, nothing can be counted on like special decorations, Christmas accessories and a greeting video

Why is it worth making decorations yourself?

The custom of performing DIY decoration has remained unchanged for several years, being at the same time the favourite trend of mothers, creative souls and even Instagram influences. This is because creating decorations yourself allows you to not only have fun, but also to realise your creative vision, one of a kind. DIY Christmas decorations allow us to conjure the original atmosphere in any interior – regardless of whether we decide to decorate the house, restaurant or other premises, decorations made by ourselves will distinguish our room from others and give it exactly the character we want to give it. In addition, making decorations yourself allows you to spend time creatively with children or friends, often outshining the result. Try it, it’s great fun! Our advice:

What do you need to make Christmas decorations?

As specialists in occasional decorations, we advise where to start, when we decide to do the decorations ourselves. The idea is important – not necessarily for specific decorations, but for the effect you want to achieve. Think about colours and style – do you prefer minimalist elegance or eco decorations? Flash and metallic shades or natural accessories straight from the winter forest? Holiday red or maybe classic white? Once you decide what climate you want to create in your interior, it will be easier to start making individual decorations. Then you need to prepare basic products, from which you will create new decorations according to your idea. They will help you…

Floristic articles – the basis for Christmas decorations

Don’t move without them. To create anything you will need these quiet helpers of the greatest artists. Before Christmas decorations are created, you should prepare small floristic items and accessories that will help you in your creative act. I’m talking about colourful ribbons, applications, jets, glitter, Christmas foundations, light fabrics, decorative elements, dried fruits and beads. You will also need articles to strengthen the decoration, such as glue, safety pins, decorative pins, decorative tapes, pendants, hooks, floristic wire or string. Articles and floristic accessories will make it easier for you to make the planned decorations, and what you create will be aesthetic and above all – durable.

With the help of accessories and floral accessories that you can easily find in the Happenings Christmas offer, you’ll also be able to make traditional Christmas decorations, such as wreaths, decorations, garlands and baubles. Remember that even traditional decorative elements will be unusual and original if you make them yourself. We particularly encourage you to use natural products when implementing your vision – you will not believe how many decorative elements you will find on a short walk in the woods. Cones, needles, rowan, nuts, chestnuts – all this can be used when decorating the interior and the Christmas table. You can also prepare your favourite fruit driers – they successfully emphasize the warmth of the festive atmosphere, and they also smell beautiful, especially when a candle heats them – it’s a perfect idea for a Christmas headdress. Have fun, create and become a true decorator of the Christmas interior with this guide!

What about a Christmas holiday movie?

Did you know that you have all the tools at your fingertips to create a truly amazing Christmas movie? A smartphone, computer, your creativity and sticking to a few tips are enough to assemble the material that will be the best souvenir from the holiday celebration.

Equipment is important, but even the most perfect devices will not make interesting movies for us. Before we start recording, let’s consider what and how we want to show. As a rule, instead of one long shot, several shorter ones work better. Thanks to them we can show more – apart from the general view, it is worth focusing on interesting details.

How to put it all together?

Holidays will end sometime (unfortunately), but thanks to the above tips, you will probably come back with lots of interesting material. It will be difficult to avoid the temptation to use them all in the film. However, if the clip is to be interesting not only for you, you need to do a really sharp selection, leaving only the best shots. At first, you can mount in the simplest programs, you will gradually start to need a little more elaborate tools, but with the first films, attempting to mount with them can only discourage you.

From the first editing, try to use music that creates the mood and sets the pace of your production. There are many song sites and video editor program like MiniTool Movie Maker that you can use for free in home movies. There are also guides for making and editing films. The best way to learn is to try, and the upcoming Christmas will be a great opportunity!

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