Apple Brings in a Dedicated App for Its Developer Community

Kim Dawkins
November 22, 2019

Today, Apple is bringing in a new application for the registered members of its developer community. This app is more of an improvement of the current WWDC application app for the company’s Worldwide Developer Conference. Rather than focusing on the news on the developer event, this app is meant to expand and even includes a wide range of resources. These resources include design and technical articles, videos, developer news, and updates. It will also provide a way for developers to join the Apple Developer Program and keep their membership.

Today, information about the developer is available everywhere on the internet, including on Apple’s website. It can even be distributed in the developers’ inbox and comes in the form of an email update from various virus product teams. But now, it will only be available in a streamlined app experience.

By the time it is launched, you might not get everything you are used to on Apple’s developer website, but it is set to develop and become better with time. For instance, currently, you are likely to find at least 600 videos and some technical information. The things you will not find include Apple Developer Forum or a means to get connected to a local Developer program such as Design Labs, Apple’s App Accelerators or Developer Academies.

The application has its content across the main functions, which include:

Discover- This is used for finding news and updates, and developer information

Videos- This is where you access the videos that were once hosted by the WWDC app

WWDC- This is used mainly for the event attendees

Account- This is where the developers can manage their accounts and program membership

The main aim of Apple, with this application, is to ensure that the developers are provided with relevant content all the time. They also aim at informing them of the things that they never knew existed on Apple’s website. In a few cases, the application will avail more mobile-friendly content to the developers. These articles will be created in a way that they inform and educate the developers in a friendly way.

To be precise, it might have similarities with the technical content that you might find online, but this one is designed in a slightly different way. So what you will be getting will be different from what the users of the likes of Nokia and HTC will be accessing online. Later on, it is believed that the application will address some of the essential things that Apple is yet to document.

There is a section in the application that will let the developers access content that was initially hosted by WWDC. These will include session videos and a comprehensive review of WWDC itself in case available. These videos will be available to everyone, so they will not have to register to have a look at them. The users will also be provided with the ability to sign up to renew an Apple Developer Program membership. They will then make payment for the program using Apple Pay or any other payment method that they find convenient.

The Final Thought

From the illustration above, it is clear that Apple is doing great when it comes to availing amazing services for its users. Sadly, the users of HTC, Nokia and other mobile phones might not enjoy the benefits of this application. The fact that the app will keep getting better is even more interesting.             

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