7 tips to withdraw money from an online casino from your phone

Jessica Vainer
February 16, 2020

The age of paying by phone has caught up with everyone and everything, including online casinos! There are many people now who depend almost exclusively on their mobile phones, eschewing plastic for e-wallets. Paying by phone is increasing in popularity to the point that many businesses are doing their best to keep up and online casinos are no exception to the rule but are among the easier to do business with by mobile. For those looking to do casino cash-out by phone, here are a few tips:

Know What Your Options Are

For everyone looking to cash out casino through their phone, they need to know if they have the option to do so. This is the first thing that people need to do before they even open an account! Casinos in nz and elsewhere have many different ways of both depositing and withdrawing money.

It’s important to understand that, even though a online gambling for cash might let you deposit money through your phone, they might not let you take it out the same way. Many people make the mistake of assuming that they can do this, but there are online casinos that have different withdrawal methods.

If they do have the withdrawal method you desire, then go ahead and create an account, as this is also absolutely essential in being able to withdraw money through your phone.

Make it Convenient

The whole point of being able to withdraw money through your phone is that it’s convenient. So, the best way to ensure that you can withdraw money to mobile is to make sure that it’s set up to be quick and easy.

This is where the casino account comes in. There is usually a preferred method of payment permitted for all top casinos, including nz ones. Even the highest payout online casinos have an online method of paying required. This will either be on the main account page or under settings. Make sure that you’ve set up to have all payouts taken out by your preferred phone method.

It’s also a good idea, while you’re there to make sure that all the information that’s been provided is correct and that the payout information is correct. This is a good idea to avoid any possible future headaches when it comes to withdrawing your money.

Incorrect information can make it very difficult to withdraw cash, especially if some form of account verification has a mistake in it.

Same Withdrawal and Deposit Method

Not all online casinos have the same rules just as not all of them have the same payment method. It’s important to know as much about the details of the online casino as possible, even if this is a top paying online casino, and that includes the rules around their withdrawal methods.

Some have very specific rules about withdrawal that customers should take a look at before they open an account and especially before they take out money on their phone.

One rule that online casinos can have is that you can have to withdraw money the same way you put it in. If this exists, then make sure that you’re depositing money the same way that you want to withdraw it.

Check Your Bonus

Everyone loves to take advantage of a good bonus or incentive that a casino is offering to go with them, but many people then find that bonus vanishing when they go to take it out through their mobile. Why does this happen? It’s not because the casino was lying, but because it has specific rules about that bonus. In many cases, there are minimum requirements in order for the bonus to payout.

For some who try to withdraw funds too soon, the bonus doesn’t get paid, and they lose out on extra money, so always make sure that you’ve met the requirements for the bonus before you take the money out on your phone.

Account Verification is Key

In just about every case, an online casino will want its customers to verify their information and their account. Always do this, no matter what. In some cases, a casino won’t consider an account fully active until account verification has been completed.

This can be as simple as getting an e-mail to the address provided. It usually has a simple link in it that just needs to be clicked on and then, voila, your account is active! Don’t forget to do this, or you could end up discovering that you can’t withdraw money to your mobile due to a sudden error saying that your account isn’t active yet.

Check on Daily Limits

Before hitting that last button to withdraw Hollywood casino online real money, make sure to first check on what the daily withdrawal limits are with the casino. Just about everyone has set limits on how much cash you can withdraw each day, so avoid the frustration of an error message by knowing the limit ahead of time.

It’s also a good idea to check and see if they have any process times associated with the chosen withdrawal method. That way, you know what to expect.

Check to Make Sure You Can Withdraw

Everyone should always check and see if their phone withdrawal will actually go through. In some cases, the ability to get a mobile payment is disabled, so always check on this beforehand. Those are the top tips on how to withdraw money with your phone from online casinos. Make sure to always keep them in mind when playing!

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