6 Must-Have Mobile Apps for General Contractors

Jayce Redford
May 18, 2020

Small, independent contractors are always on the hunt for projects. Apart from dealing with stiff competition, they also have to balance profit margins. Keeping this type of business afloat is never easy. One minute you’re on top, and the next you’re struggling against the tide.

Unlike big construction firms, small contractors don’t always have enough capital to spend. More often than not, an employee in a small firm has to take on several jobs at once. Fortunately, smartphone technology can simplify many of these tasks and make construction work more efficient for project managers and workers. Let’s take a look at must-have mobile tools and apps for contractors.

1. App for staying in touch with your insurance provider

Getting general contractors insurance quotes online is simple and easy. But who has access to a computer all the time? If you want to get in touch with your insurance provider or receive timely updates, you can use your smartphone. Most, if not all, insurance providers have social media accounts.

Downloading these apps on your phone will allow you to connect with your provider while on the go. This tool is essential when you have coverage concerns while a project is ongoing.

2. App for making precise calculations

It may seem simple, but you can’t underestimate the importance of precise measurements in construction. Instead of lugging around various measuring tools, you can use your phone to make conversions and quick calculations. If your client asks for measurement calculations and you don’t have a calculator with you, your phone is the best alternative.

3. Smart bidding app

A bid management app on your phone will allow you to track or create bids. You can share the process with your employees or other subcontractors included in the project. This tool streamlines many complicated steps and eliminates unnecessary paperwork. Also, the app is secure and reliable, which means you don’t need to worry about keeping proprietary information private.

4. App for creating 3D construction models

Your clients will be impressed if you can render three-dimensional models of the project plan. Many big construction companies already tools to provide this service. For small contractors, it helps if you have advanced visuals to show your client as the project progresses. Surely, this feature is a big step up from ordinary blueprints.

5. App for heat safety

Working on a construction project in the middle of summer has associated health risks. It’s critical to keep safety in mind, especially when monitoring your employees. You can download a health safety app that sends reminders regarding protective measures your workers need to take to avoid heat-related sickness. The app can also help you schedule breaks as well as give recommendations on what to do in case of emergencies.

6. App for making contracts

Making contracts can be time-consuming. With an app, you can choose from various templates, and customize the look of the finished document. There’s an option to add your company logo and save the document in different formats for accessibility. Plus, you can save the contract on your mobile phone, and make edits while on the go before making the printed version.

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