6 Helpful Tools Every IT Professional Must Know

Jeff Wilkins
October 14, 2019

IT professionals need to have the right equipment and tools for their job. This is something very important that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Whenever problems arise, providing solutions will be easy if you have your tools handy.  Whether it is used to diagnose technical problems, troubleshoot system errors, or a few hacks to make tasks quicker, numerous tools are available for us to use.

Considering the amount of equipment available, it can be quite challenging to find the ones we really need. So, we have gathered and listed all the tools that are really useful and handy. Check them out. 

  1. Desktop Decrapifier

When unboxing a new system setup, it’s obvious that it will not be that simple or quick. Thanks to the large amount of trialware and bloatware that manufacturers often put on new computers.

A PC decrapifier will make removing unnecessary software easier and quicker. It automatically searches for relevant software and removes them completely. Moreover, as part of safety measures, the program recommends to remove items with your approval. This is to make sure that important files are not accidentally omitted.

2. Desktop Cleaner

A desktop cleaner or CCleaner is a useful tool that does more than what you expect it will do. It deletes unnecessary, old, and temporary files from your local desktop system allowing more space for your hard drive. Thus, helping your PC to perform efficiently and faster. 

This is truly an ideal tool to optimize and clean a system and comes pretty much handy. Especially when your computer is running slow and you’re in the middle of doing an important task. Advance CCleaner users also have the option to remove old and unused fonts, entries, file extensions, and more.

3. Package Management System Tool

Setting up new systems can be overwhelming. Generally, there are two fundamental parts in the said process ‘ removing unwanted pre-installed software in the system and installing needed and important applications. 

A lot of tools are available to help remove pre-installed programs. Check out which one suits best for you or ask assistance from IT experts. They will let you know what program is best suited for your system. The application will take care of automatically installing necessary programs. 

4. Performance Monitoring Tool

Being an IT expert, you must keep a sharp eye on the server every time. You should have a tool that enables you to keep track and determine important metrics as well as make adjustments whenever necessary. It is way better if you can analyze the overall performance of the server and other devices. 

This can be done by checking at vital metrics to determine if the system is at its optimal performance. Also, whilst checking the system, it is also ideal to double-check the Ethernet cables, such as Cat5e ftp, Cat 5 ftp, Cat 6 ftp cable, etc. to ensure that connection to the network is working smoothly. 

5. Network Security Tool Maintenance

Security in the IT industry has been in the limelight in the past years. Businesses and organizations often pay the reasonable value of money to technical personnel and experts who can protect their system against any server malfunction or threats. After you have downloaded and installed a reliable tool, you are ready to go! 

Just ensure you have an idea already about the tools inside and out of the system so that you are ready whenever a system problem arises. A well-informed IT person packed with key tools at their disposal is truly laudable! 

6. Screen Recorder

Oftentimes, people get constant similar support requests coming through their network. You are probably tired of talking to a user requesting for network connection or choosing the right printer for their needs. A screen recorder is an innovative tool that has some amazing features, such as zoom function, audio capability, and allows you to draw on several recordings. 

So, instead of talking to the same users over and over again with repetitive issues, you can just create a video tutorial that is available to all staff. It definitely saves you a lot of time and effort. Not only that, but it is also useful during support calls. You can easily upload screenshots to the server apps quickly as well as share short URLs through email or instant messenger.


Working in the field of technology can be challenging and hectic. Hence, in order to support with the crucial tasks, having appropriate and handy tools is necessary. Whether you’re an IT professional or not, being ready will always put you on edge. Work will be easier and quicker too. For sure there are a lot of tools out there, but what we have listed here are by far the most useful and reliable ones. 

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