5 User Experience Ideas for the Best Online Gaming App/Website

Zoya Maryam
March 24, 2020

Casino enthusiasts will only use your app or website if they get a satisfactory experience. Master these user experience principles to design a great platform.

The gambling industry grosses almost half a trillion dollars every year. That massive number tells us that people all across the world love to play games of chance.

Given that interest, if you’re an application or website developer that’s looking to make money online, designing casino-style experiences can be a great way to do it. Just because people like to play slots and cards though doesn’t mean that creating a poorly produced experience will lead to your success.

Proper adherence to user experience principles as they pertain to gaming is integral.

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to designing inviting experiences, keep reading to take in our five tips below.

1. Get People Into the Game

The most important of our user experience principles suggestions is to make sure your gaming website or application is focused on getting people gaming. That means not being focused on collecting credit card data, spamming visitors with advertisements or getting their email addresses.

We understand that concept may be counter-intuitive to your long-term goals but trust us when we say that if you can give leads what they want quickly, you’ll have a much better chance of them converting into income generators.

2. Keep Your Layout Clean

Nothing ruins a consumer’s confidence quite like being bombarded by flashy ads, or grand claims of how many people get rich on your website. A clean layout is not only an expectation when it comes to applications and websites but is particularly important when you’re eventually going to ask people to spend money.

As an example, have a look at the Bonanza slot with Slotswise page.

This experience isn’t inundated with content and makes it clear how users can jump straight into their game.

3. Share Success Subtly

People play online casino games to make money, whether that money is real (where legal) or fake. To let prospective consumers know that people are playing and winning right now, consider adding a subtle widget or ticker to the top of your page that updates with messages like “Connie315 just won $120.00”.

That sharing of success will entice gamers to invest more time with your experience in hopes of achieving similar results.

4. Ask for As Little Information As Possible

Rather than having lengthy forms that ask for all of a player’s personal information, when required at all, keep your asks simple.

Do you need a player’s home address? Do you need to know their middle name?

The less intrusive you are when making information asks, the more consumers will trust you.

5. Test and Reassess

Your gaming application and use of user experience principles should be in a constant state of improvement. To drive that evolution, solicit feedback often and keep rolling out updates!

Leveraging User Experience Principles Will Pave Your Road to Success

User experience principles are all about thinking of consumer’s needs first and yours second. While deferring needs might come as a struggle to some, you’ll find that by putting a hold on gratification, you’ll build a loyal and lucrative fan-base for your games

We wish you luck in your digital endeavours and welcome you to read more of the gambling content on our website for additional ideas/information!

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