5 Advanced Ways to Find Out Who’s Calling You

Holly Marsh
January 3, 2019

It’s not uncommon to receive a telephone call from an unfamiliar or unknown number. While it may be easier just to pick up the phone, that might not be a good idea.

Unfortunately, with today’s technological advantages, it is never safe to answer a call if you’re not sure who the caller is.

Thanks to technology, spammers can easily trick you into answering your phone. They use tactics such as neighbourhood spoofing, where they change the number that displays on the caller ID so you think that you’re getting a phone call from a local number. There are many more tactics that can be used to manipulate phone calls.

It’s never safe to answer the phone if you’re not sure who’s on the other end. Below I have included five advanced methods to help you determine who is calling you on the other line. Using these methods, you can determine if the person calling is safe or not without even picking up the phone.

Check Google

Google has always been a great resource to find anything that you’re looking for, from relationship advice to how to fix your computer. Sometimes, if you type a number in Google, results will pull up that will show the owner of the cell phone number.

Of course, you will have to visit the web pages of these results to see who the owner of the number is, and sometimes you have to pay a fee. Additionally, be aware that these results aren’t always accurate, and you may find no results at all when you perform a Google search on a phone number.

Perform A Reverse Phone Lookup

The absolute easiest way to find out who is calling is by doing a reverse phone lookup. National Cellular Directory, can assist you in finding out who is calling your phone in a matter of minutes. Just type the unfamiliar phone number and in less than a minute their comprehensive tool will scan their billions of records and will pull up any available results.

Using a website that specializes in phone lookups is the most reliable way to find out who is calling in less time than it takes to make a bowl of cereal. Additionally, National Cellular Directory has a daily Happy Hour where you can run free reverse phone lookups at no cost.

Lookup the Phone Number on Social Media

Another easy option to find out who is calling you is to perform a cell phone lookup on social media. The easiest social media website to do this on his Facebook. Facebook actually has a search feature where if you type in the number under the search bar, if the number is associated with a Facebook profile their profile will pop up. You can also search for a number and if the number was ever shared in the Facebook post, that Facebook post will be displayed

Check Spam Call Websites

Another method to try and see who’s calling you is to check spam call websites. When people get scam calls, sometimes they report them to these websites. If the number that is calling you has been reported as spam call or unsafe, you will be able to see this on a spam call website.

Here are some spam call websites that we suggest:

Should I Answer

Every Caller

Mr Number

Download The TrueCaller App

The TrueCaller App can sometimes tell you who is calling you before you even pick up the phone. With this app, it is possible that you can who is calling you with each call that comes in, if they have the information available.

Just in case you were wondering, the number doesn’t have to be stored in your contact to display the caller information. Additionally, you can also use this app to block calls which is a cool bonus feature.

To Sum It All Up

If you have a call from an unknown number, it might be a good idea to try and figure out who is calling you. If it’s a stalker or some other type of dangerous person, they might just find another way to get in touch with you if you just keep ignoring the call or if you just simply block it.

Being informed in regards to who is calling you is the best way to avoid getting yourself in a dangerous situation. Plus, you don’t have to play guessing games every time an unknown number gives you a phone call. Use the above methods to look up the unfamiliar phone numbers that are giving you a call and figure out which one works best for you.

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