10 Best Android Hacks and Tricks You Should Know in 2020

Jessica Jones
April 28, 2020

All those people who are keen users of smartphones are aware that the two major competitors are either Android or the iOS users. Now, it is a well known fact that one of the reasons why Android is considered more user friendly and useful is because of all the hacks and workarounds that can be utilized in the Android based smartphones. It is also true at the same time that all those users who are used to the Android applications can modify their phones and become more comfortable with the settings by changing and altering system operations. This is one major component that lacks in all iOS devices which is why Android is more of a hit amongst people on the whole.

If you are someone who wants to get more comfortable with your own Android phone and at the same time want to make it more savvy and unique, we have compiled here a list of some 10 hacks and tips that you can use and make your Android phone more trendy and sleek.

Android Hacks and Tricks

The one common reason why most people agree and say that Android is a better software and smartphone to use is because of the ease with which they can operate their phones. Apple phones that run on iOS software have a lot of issues when it comes to settings and one can’t operate on it without breaking laws and rules. Having said that, it is also true that all Android based phones are easy to use and this makes them the most adaptable and efficient in a number of ways.

As a smartphone user I myself prefer working with Android software because it is compatible with my using styles and whenever I want I can go around changing the system settings with the help of hacks and tricks that are easy to follow and repeat. So, if you are looking for trendy hacks and tips that can make your smartphone smarter and faster, here are some tips that you can easily follow and replicate.

Multiple ringtone setting: did you ever want to set different ringtones for different callers so that you can know with the song which call you want to pick up and which you want to ignore? Now, with the help of this first Android hack you can do just that. All you need to do is download Randtune from your Google play store and grant all permissions. Once you do that you can see three options which are SMS, calls and alarms for which you can set different ringtones and sounds. In the next step you can create a playlist from a list of your favorite songs and add it to the same playlist. Listen to a new song and tone every time you get a call or message.

  • Create your very own personal space: have you ever had any such information or apps and details that you want to keep secret from the others? Now there is always screen lock and fingerprint protection but what if there was a way you could create your very own secured space on your Android? All you have to do is go to settings and then go to users. Add a new user and give all the necessary details of accounts. Install all the applications that you want in this account and then use it from the safety and security of this newly created personal space.
  • Get lyrics instantly: if you are someone who enjoys singing while listening to the music then your favorite Android hack will be the get lyrics hack. Everytime you watch a music video on YouTube you will get the lyrics simultaneously as well. All you have to do is install the mix match app from the Google play store and grant the necessary permissions. Use YouTube to watch your favorite song and click on the floating mix match icon. With this you will be able to view the lyrics of all the songs you watch on YouTube.
  • Install and use Linux: many of you may be unaware that you can use and convert your smartphone to a Linux laptop without having to mess with the Root functions of the Android device. All you need to do is install the Debian No root application and run it on your smartphone. That’s all that you need to do to access the Linux laptop like features on your very own Android application.
  • Monitor your heartbeats: did you know that with the help of your camera and fingerprint scanner you can now map and study your heart rate as well? What you need to do is download the Instant Heart rate application. Once you have done so you need to place your finger on the LED flash of your smartphone, and doing so will tell you your heart rate instantly.
  • Recover deleted messages: have you ever deleted an important message accidentally? Worry no more because with this Android hack you will be able to recover the deleted messages. For this particular hack you need to use your laptop as well, and on your laptop you need to download the Android Data recovery tool. On your phone you next need to go to the settings option then click on developer options and enable USB debugging. Next step is to launch the tool on the laptop and then click on the messages option and click on recover.
  • Encryption mode on: if you have sensitive data and information stored on your phone that you would not want to share with anyone else, then this hack will be a complete life saver for you. Make sure that before you start with the encryption procedure your smartphone is plugged in for charging because this process will take long. Head to settings and tap on security, the next step is to click on the encrypt phone option .Once this is done, the phone will start the encryption process instantly.
  • Track your phone: are you the kind of person who keeps misplacing and losing their phone? If yes, then this hack is one that you need the most. You need to have a Google account on your smartphone and the same needs to be added to your Android device. Make sure that the find my Android is turned on. The moment you lose your phone head straight to and log on with the same Google account that is registered on your smartphone. If the location and the GPS system is turned on your phone you will be able to track your phone almost instantly.
  • Reduce lag and delay period: last but not least if you have an Android device that is comparatively old, then you may be facing challenges with the lag time and delay periods as well. All you need to do is use the Seeder Application which also requires the phone to ROOT. With the help of this hack you will be able to function your smartphone a little better without any lag time.


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