10 Apps That Can Write Essays for You At a Request

Sara Smith
May 25, 2020

There are three important components that must be present in an academic paper; these are organisation, order and logic. In the event that any of these components is left out, readers will be disinterested. Luckily, there are various online tools that exist to ensure your writing maintains the required organisational format irrespective of the type of writing whether it’s an essay or a blog. Writers need to appreciate that once in a while they need help to complete their assignment quickly. Furthermore, these tools are very useful when you do not want to pay hefty amounts for your assignment. The apps are effective in delivering basic pieces of writings such as narrative, critical and analytical essays. There are a few apps that are known and are capable to write my essay online” upon request thus making your engagement more productive. These apps have writers with expertise in various fields thus making them useful for academic writings. Therefore, students both in high and colleges who are overwhelmed with the numerous assignments in their institutions are encouraged to use these apps.

The following is a breakdown of good writing apps compatible with Android and IoS in 2020. In rating the apps, we considered the quality of the final essay, the efficiency of ordering and the general performance of the app.


Grammarly is the best online tool to use if your objective is to enhance your ability to write. This app checks for all spelling mistakes among other grammatical mistakes on all the websites that you use. Furthermore, the software has an automatic proof-reader that efficiently detects all grammatical mistakes, poor diction and bad style in one’s writing. Additionally, Grammarly’s online proofreader also checks for any plagiarism free. This software is useful for online content creators, bloggers, digital marketers and students. The app is compatible with all Android devices, Chrome, Windows and Mac.

Pro Writing Aid

Pro Writing Aid is an online app that was founded to serve a wide range of users including copywriters, bloggers and essay writers among others. The main purpose of this app is to enhance one’s ability to read and write. This app was developed in 2012 by the Chris Bank and it utilises cloud technology to copyedit its articles. Primarily, this app was developed to identify mistakes in your essay using the Pro Writing Aid excel. This software is capable of working on all operating systems and can be used with MS Word, Chrome and Google docs and it exists in both free and paid options. There are over one million bloggers, copywriters and editors who are utilising Pro Writing Aid across the world. You can start by using their free trial feature that offers all the premium services for 14 days.


The most outstanding feature of Evernote is that it enables the user the convenience of easily processing handwritten notes while clipping written articles from the internet. There are various instances where this app can be applied such as when coming up with a list of things to do, writing notes and recording business receipts. This app is compatible with Mac software while being specifically good for those firms with no server. Evernote is a free service that also encompasses a free limited version while going ahead to include about 60MBs space on its free plan. The application is very similar to other common apps such as Microsoft Word in terms of features such as format text and drawing tools thus making it very simple to use.

Essay Mojo

This is one of the best writing apps that is simple to use and is compatible for both Android and iOS devices. The app is not completely free as you will be required to pay to access certain services. This app has writers and your order will be assigned to one of them and this one will write an original piece for you while strictly following your instructions. This software is best suited for academic pieces of writing, academic research pieces and love by those who need to hire essay writers online. Their costs are affordable since most of their clients are college students.


FreeMind is mind-mapping software that enables its users to write essays and brainstorm their work. The application utilises structured diagrams to track the progress of their work by recording the state of the work and the time. Users are able to know which essay is pending, which one is complete and which one is yet to be started by using the size of bullets and their colours to highlight this difference. The app combines an important feature that protects your map from unintentional loss of data when working.


Simpleton is a famous note-taking software whose slogan is “Light, clean, and free” and this has been proven true. Simplenote appreciates that a good essay can emanate from a simple concept and it provides options to let their users write down all these ideas. They also have a feature that saves all your notes in their database thus ensuring that you can easily retrieve them whenever you need them while protecting the notes from being lost. The outlook of the software is basic and minimalistic thus giving it a modern face. However, in the event that a user wants to change the style or format of their writing, they have to use Markdown. Markdown is very similar to HTML only that it is simpler and therefore more popular among programmers and web developers. Simpleton is compatible with Android, Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Libre Office Writer

Libre office writer is one of the most useful writing software whose uniqueness is that it lets users create and revise their essays whenever they are inspired. In doing this, the app helps writers deliver work that is well organised. The software is useful for a wide range of writings including thesis, technical drawings and financial reports. Basically, the app makes your work look attractive while letting you concentrate on the main content. The app is developed by various developers drawn from across the globe because it is open for all to use and improve. This software is recommended by many experts in the field of online assignment because they see it as an extension of the famous “”.

edit nodes, ease of editing a piece of writing and node colours that feature ICC profiles.

Focus Writer

This software is recommended for all writers who engage in serious writing. This is because it runs statistics automatically thereby discouraging the inconvenience of conducting word counts whenever you want to know how many words you have written. In addition to live statistics, the app boasts of a hide-away interface, various themes, various devices to check spelling and quality document tabs. This is an open source processor that is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac. Other than being free, it is also one of the few tools that can save a blank page with nothing written on it.


Scribus is the most suitable software if the intention of the user is to come up with a piece of writing hat is very attractive at first glance. This uniqueness makes it the most suitable for writing Magazines, advertisement posters and various other documents that require attractiveness. Furthermore, the app encompasses various other additional features such as tools that are able to


Canva is software that enables a writer to come up with beautiful and effective designs whether they are experienced designers or they have no prior knowledge in design. This app recognises that most writers have various word processing documents that enable them better their writing; however, there are instances when one needs to incorporate diagrams and pictures in their work. This is where Canva comes in to help them realise quality images.


Coggle is a free mind mapping software that enables sensible flow of ideas in an essay. This software appreciates that there is need for ideas being proposed by a writer to be able to relate to each other if the essay is to make sense. Coggle makes it possible for the user to highlight relationships between ideas by using colour paths to make beautiful diagrams.


Diaro has been described as advanced diary software. It is basically used to write journals and jotting down notes. It is a simple, user-friendly application with a fancy layout, incredible sidebars and an outstanding keyboard. Additionally, one can use the various tags to represent different emotions in your piece of writing while being able to easily upload your work on Drop box. It is this simplicity that makes Diaro popular software among writers having received recognition as an Editors’ choice. It has also been downloaded over 3 million times on Google’s Play Store.

Hanx Writer

Hanx writer software is an app that was developed by famous actor Tom Hanks. Basically, the app seeks combine features of the old typewriter with modern features of writing. The software utilises pieces of blank paper, a slide and that unique sound you will only hear from a typewriter. These are combined with advanced features such as grammar correction programs and other features that allow you to export documents. Despite the being a free version that is equally effective, users are encouraged to buy additional feature at a cost of $2 per feature to enhance their experience.


This software is convenient for people who write short stories and other forms of short essays. Other than checking spelling and grammatical mistakes, the app goes further to identify numbers in between sentences and checks inconsistent abbreviations while monitoring compound words. This app is completely free to download and use.


This is one of the best virtual proof-reader software in the market as evidenced by its presence on various writing guides. The app analyses sentences in your writings and works out their complexity so that your writing is simple and comprehensive. The internet application is free while downloading the desktop software will cost you about $20.


This app is strictly for Mac and ipad and it automatically uploads your work to Medium and Word press. This application uses Markdown programming language thus enabling it keep a clear interface with no menus. However, this app is not recommended for large pieces of writing that require resources such as libraries, reference materials and other tracking resources. Such writers are advised to use either Ulysses or Scrivener. Ulysses offers an interface that is less congested with options and menus whereas Scrivener is known for providing a simple format very similar to Microsoft Word.

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