Review: Jam Audio Exec True Wireless Earbuds

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August 18, 2020

The Jam Audio Exec True Wireless – £69.99 from Argos or the Jam Audio website

Jam Audio is a brand known for its budget earbuds and it’s had success in this sector of the market. I recently reviewed the Jam Audio Athlete which is the sporty pair of buds. In this review, we are covering the Jam Audio Exec True Wireless Earbuds. 

The Exec model is designed for these who want a budget pair for the everyday train journey to work –  when we get to do that again. Costing £69.99 these buds are a very similar design to a pair of Apple AirPods as they come with that common stem you see on AirPods.

The Exec model comes with a charging case that that is circular in design and comes with swivel lid. The case also has mini magnets to keep the buds secure. They survived a stern shake test as they continued to stay in the case which is ideal if the lid happens to slide open when in your bag. The case offers up to 32 hours of battery life with the buds holding an impressive eight hours of charge.

The case displays four LED lights which indicate how much battery is in the case. Once the battery runs out it takes 2 hours to fully charge the battery via the micro-USB cable you get in the box with the buds.

Moving back to the buds, just like the Athlete model before them they come with a button on each bud that is where the controls are. Like the Athlete model you have the following controls by pressing the buttons a number of times:

  • Play/Pause

  • Fast Forward track

  • Rewind track

  • Call Answer & Reject

  • Smart Assistant

Each control as mentioned takes a number of clicks all displayed in the quick start guide. You do get used to the controls but the same issue comes up with the Athlete & Exec models – no volume control. This, in my opinion, will put some people off buying these buds.

In terms of the audio quality, the buds come with anti-slip ear tips that keep the buds firmly in your ears and you also get a Small & Large pair of tips so that will allow you to get the right fit.

The overall sound when testing these over a number of different tracks that I normally use for reviews was a bright sound with a strong bass that allows decent highs when you pump up the volume. Taking calls you have dual microphones that offer slight passive isolation for a better call quality.

The buds also come with Bluetooth 5.0 and offer the usual range you come to expect. In my testing they never cut out once which is exactly what you want from buds like these. These buds also come with IPX4 rating meaning if you get caught in the rain you will be fine and the buds continue to play without any issues.

So if you’re looking for a pair of decent budget earbuds that offer quality audio and won’t hurt your ears after long use these are well worth considering.  With 32 hours, total battery life is quite good and with the buds holding 8 hours playtime they will last you the whole day. In fact I found I only have to charge the case once in a week and a half which is fantastic. My only real negative with both these and the Athlete models is the lack of volume controls. However, if you are happy to use the smart assistant to increase the volume or you don’t mind controlling the volume on your phone then you will enjoy these buds.

For £69.99 these will be perfect for the average user if all you want is a pair of buds for the daily commute and don’t want to spend the world.

Product Ratings:

  • Design- 4 Stars

  • Features- 3 stars

  • Audio Quality- 4 Stars

  • Value for Money- 5 Stars

Overall rating: 4 Stars

The Jam Audio Exec True Wireless – £69.99 from Argos or the Jam Audio website

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