Everything You Need to Know Before Buying an iPhone Xs Max

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March 20, 2019

The iPhone Xs Max was released in September last year, and it’s the largest iPhone yet. Measuring in with an amazing 6.5-inch display, many people have already decided to Shop Xs Max Cases in a bid to protect their beautiful devices.

Aside from the beautiful all-screen design, the phone is loaded with features and packs a serious punch in terms of its internal hardware. But with a huge price tag, is it really worth the upgrade?

If you are close to buying an iPhone Xs Max, here is everything you need to know before you do.

Gesture Controls Have a Learning Curve

If this is your first iPhone with the all-screen design, then you may want to spend some time getting used to the new gesture controls. Given that the home button is not on the device, you now rely on a range of swipes and touches to navigate through your device. There’s a lot of guidance out there in how to navigate the gesture controls, and it might take a while to get adjusted. When you do, though, you’ll quickly begin to realize it’s a superior and comfortable system.

Use Depth Control On Your Pics

Portrait Mode is still an incredible technology, helping people to snap absolutely unbelievable photos that have an amazing depth of field. The technology was also applied to the iPhone X’s front cameras last year.

Now, the iPhone Xs Max take things to the next level. With Depth Control, you are now able to play with the focal length of your photos after you have taken them. It’s simple to edit the photos taken with portrait mode and you’re now able to increase or decrease the amount of blur, which is pretty remarkable.

Enjoy Higher RAM

Over the years, Apple has been significantly upping the amount of RAM in its iPhone devices. This helps the phone in terms of speed and general performance. The Xs Max comes loaded with an amazing 4 GB of memory, which is one gig more than the initial iPhone X.

It’s also double the RAM of the iPhone 7, to put that gigantic increase into perspective! This all means that your apps will run smoothly on the beautiful screen, and you don’t have to worry about performance.

The Best Battery Yet

Smartphones are incredible devices that can do a great deal. As such, the phones call upon a huge amount of power and this can mean they suffer from short battery lives. It’s frustrating to feel as though your phone can’t make it through the day!

Well, the iPhone Xs Max comes equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that has a 3,174 mAh capacity. Essentially, this means that it’s the largest battery in any iPhone and it means you can expect a slightly longer battery life than the iPhone 8 Plus. Impressive, given the work going on behind the scenes with this powerful phone.

Face ID Rocks

The removal of the home button also means that the fingerprint sensor is old news too. The tough ID was a faithful servant for a while but we all had our gripes with it: it didn’t like slightly wet fingers and it was slightly sluggish.

Now, Face ID means that you can unlock your iPhone and validate Apple Pay purchases just using your face. The technology is seriously impressive and it’s lightning fast. You’ll even find that you can continue to use Face ID if you’re wearing glasses or a hat!

Again, you’ll come to realize that it takes some getting used to but it’s a far superior system. Best of all, it works especially well on the iPhone Xs Max.

Enjoy It

The iPhone Xs Max is Apple’s most premium iPhone product to date and if you decide that now’s the time to make the upgrade, you’re going to enjoy using an incredible device. Just make sure that you take good care of it – the price is very high!

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