Review: Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless – Competition for Jabra ?

Stephen Watson
February 27, 2019

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless- £263.98 via Amazon

Here at What Mobile, we have covered a number of different brand earbuds such as Skullcandy, 1More, and Jabra to name a few and currently, I have not found a pair that will pull me away from my Jabra Elite 65T’s.  

In this review, we have been given the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless and I have spent the time to see if these are worth switching from Jabra.  These are Sennheiser’s first try at a pair of True wireless and on first impressions, they look fantastic. At £263.98 via Amazon at the time of review, my hopes are high considering the Jabra’s elite 65T cost £155 via Amazon. You instantly expect the extra your paying the quality will be another level lets see if they’re as good as we hope they are.  

The Momentum true wireless is very different from the Momentum in-ear headphones  (link) we have reviewed in the past the neckband is gone and also have the cables it’s completely wireless.

Sennheiser brings its award-winning sound quality with these headphones.  On the first impression, you are greeted with a nice design with the with the classic Sennheiser detailing on the earbuds that also have a metallic silver finish and the logo printed in the middle. On the back is the gold connection points that allow for connecting in the charger case.


The accompanying carry case is a grey fabric covered hard case that is very clear that money has been spent on designing this case. The case offers 2 full charges that give you 8 hours of charge on top of the fact the earbuds have 4 hours of charge giving you 12 hours of music on the go.

The earbuds themselves pack a punch with a 7mm driver and are lightweight in design.  I would say a little bit to light as when using these they are fine when you are sitting on the train but on the move, I had a nightmare with them falling out of my ears on regular bases. I nearly lost them twice with them not fitting in my ears properly. You get 3 different size ear tips but unfortunately, none helped them from not falling out.  

Both earbuds have touch controls and are very touch sensitive a slight tap and you will get these earbuds into the play or pause mode. Want to change the track simply double tap and to change the volume simply hold your finger on ear earbud and that changes the track.  I did find if you are a little heavy handed using the controls can take some getting used to when they are not falling out of your ears. Something cool I did find out if you tap the right earbud you can use your phone smart assistant which means you do not have to use your phone to change the track or set reminders or even order from Amazon.

When the earbuds stay in the sound profile and the use of the 7mm driver provides an incredible sound that I feel are much better then what I currently have with my Jabra Elite. The mids and highs are oh so balanced and the vocals when listening to Alice Murton new Album the earbuds showcase crystal clear vocals. The bass is also very strong when listening to some mid-range sounds.  They also have a Transparent Hearing feature which brings in outside noise and keeps your aware of your surroundings this would have been great if the earbuds stayed in when on the move.

Overall these earbuds are stylish design with great sound but unfortunately, the fact they fall out far too easy would concern me when paying over £200 for a pair of earbuds. Am not saying avoid these as they do sound great and everyone has different shaped ears but they do offer quality sound and also allow the use of a smart speaker.

Would I change my Jabra elite for these am afraid not but it’s not a bad try from Sennheiser and if they changed the design of the fit these would be a very impressive pair of wireless earbuds?

If you want to give them a try they cost £268.98 from Amazon.

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