Five tips to survive the Black Friday sales

Megan Robinson
November 9, 2022

Throughout November, the biggest names in tech, homeware, fashion, and more reveal huge money-off deals in the lead-up to Black Friday. The sheer number of great-looking deals can be overwhelming, which is why Kyle Wilson, mobile expert at online smartphone retailer, has shared the must-have guide for surviving Black Friday

1 – Make a List, and Set a Budget

Kyle said: “The easiest way to make sure you’re shopping sensibly this Black Friday is to make a list of the things you want in advance. Many sites even offer the option to create a wish list so you don’t get carried away, and that you keep your eye on things you want most – these wish lists can be saved so you can come back later when you’re ready to buy.

“Setting yourself a budget is also a good tactic as it will help you re-evaluate everything you put in your basket and avoid impulse spending.”

2 – Benefits of Shopping Online

“We’ve all seen from past Black Fridays, customers scrambling for bargains, however, thanks to online shopping, you have the choice of shopping comfortably at home. When you shop online, be sure to bookmark your favourite pages in advance and follow your favourite brands and retailers on social media, to make sure you get a heads-up when the deals start to appear. If you decide to take the online shopping route, take into account some retailers now have a queuing system online to ensure websites can handle the amount of online shoppers.

“Other benefits of shopping online include being able to read customer reviews to make an informed decision, share discoveries with friends, or compile a wish list that you can save for later. You can also compare products and deals quickly and even discover online exclusives such as vouchers or cashback which provide an additional saving on top of your Black Friday Discount.”

3 – Be Deal Savvy

“When you’ve decided what you’re looking for, make sure you’re clued up on the different deal types available. For example, when purchasing a mobile phone contract, you may notice that the deals with an upfront cost feature lower line rental, saving you money in the long run. Be sure to also factor in any cashback or free-gift incentives like gift cards when weighing up if a deal is right for you.”

4 – Go for Quality over Quantity

“Instead of grabbing as many discounted items as possible, use Black Friday to make valuable savings on things you want, which may usually have a high price tag. You will be less likely to regret one major purchase over multiple frivolous spends and will make bigger savings overall.”

5 – Start Looking Early 

“In recent years, Black Friday has grown into more than just a single day. Many retailers have turned it into a month-long event, giving customers the opportunity to grab bargains in the weeks leading up to the main event.

“Shopping for deals across the month of November can help avoid the stress of cramming all your shopping into one day. Planning your shopping early also lets you research how much your chosen products usually cost, so you know how good any upcoming savings really are.”

Kyle Wilson, mobile expert at commented: “Kicking off the Christmas shopping period, the Black Friday sales are sure to bring a huge range of offers. However, it’s also very easy to get carried away.

“There’s no need to worry, however, as there are ways to ensure you can pick up a bargain, and still avoid spending too much on Black Friday. Tactics such as setting a strict budget, comparing all the deals available, and taking your time, can ensure you enjoy all the benefits of this great shopping period”.

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