What We Can Expect To Upcoming Xbox and PlayStation Console

Emily Bartels
November 22, 2019

The X box and PlayStation has always offered more fun and joy to the gamers than any other device. They have scored well with video playbacks like DVD, Blueray, and 4K streaming. Not it’s the time again to expect great features for the upcoming PlayStation console.

The upcoming X box is also soon to become a reality for its users. Microsoft will soon launch its Project Scarlett in 2020, which will be four times powerful than Xbox One X. There are many things to expect from the upcoming X box and Playstation console. So, let us know in detail what we can expect from these powerful gaming devices.

Playstation 5

Sony’s PlayStation has offered more than just games to the AV world. So, what can we expect from the upcoming PlayStation? Some people might expect social media support while some also expect 8K streaming. What would be the cost of PS5?

After many months of rumours and expectations, Sony has finally declared that it will release the PS5 in Holiday 2020, which has set up a battle between the Xbox project Scarlett and PS5 for the Christmas 2020.

4K resolution Games

Yes, the PS5 will come with the ability to play 4k Blu ray games. Mike Cerny, the producer of the PS5 console, has confirmed in an interview that the PlayStation will play 4K video games. However, there is no confirmation about whether the device will support 8K resolution games or not.

The device with be equipped with AMD Ryzen chip and Zen 2 architecture with a 7nm chip. Also, there will be a GPU from Radeon Navi. The PS5 will also have an SSD storage, and the combined trio of this hardware will offer high bandwidth and faster loading times. It means users will not have to wait for more to play games after turning on their Playstation 5.  

However, some people are expecting Sony to launch PS5 pro soon after PS5. It might release both the devices together. The PS5 Pro may support 8K resolution video games and higher frame rates.

Dolby Atmos

All the previous versions of PlayStation are limited to a 7.1 audio system, while the Xbox One consoles are equipped with Dolby Atmos and DTS-X surround technology. However, the PS5 is expected to herald a gold standard in audio. Sony is expected to offer a redesigned 3D surround engine to offer a more immerse sound. The system will work very well on your existing TV and compatible headphones.

Console design

The design of PlayStation 5 will be much better than the previous versions. The new PS5 console will be possibly vented and have 5 USB ports for a controller, hard drives, headphones, and other accessories. Sony will also offer an optical drive in the new console.

What accessories come with Playstation 5?

According to a leaked patent, it is expected that PS5 will come with expandable storage module. Although memory modules are not new to PS consoles, an easy to use slot-in and slot-out can be a game-changer if it comes with 500GB or more.

XBOX 2 Scarlett

Release Date

According to the rumours and news, the XBOX Scarlett is expected to launch sometime in the Holidays 2020. As per the past trends, Microsoft may launch the device in November 2020. So, gamers need to wait for another year to experience the joy of the next Xbox.

Expected Price

Although there are no hints about the price of the XBOX Scarlett, as per the past trends, we can expect its price around $499. Whatever would be the price of the device, gamers don’t need to worry, as Microsoft offers buyers to pay the price in instalments.

Tech Specifications

According to a leaked AMD benchmark, XBOX Scarlett could come equipped with Flute SoC Zen 2 processor with two cores and 16 threads with a 1.6 GHz clock speed. Such lower-end specifications are in line with what you would expect from a console processor that could provide twice the power of the Jaguar processor used in the Xbox One and PS4.


Xbox Project Scarlett will be four times more powerful than the Xbox One X. It will be able to run games at 120Hz frame rates, with possible 8 K resolutions, while also showcasing cool real-time ray tracing technology.


The X box2 is expected to come with a 16GB GDDR6 Ram and 1 TB NVMe SSD storage. It means users can store their favourite games and play them anytime.

Gamepad support

Xbox Two will support Xbox Gamepad’s previous iterations. That means you’ll be able to continue to use it well into the next generation of the console if you’ve shelled out for the Elite controller.

Ray Tracing

The XBOX two will be featured with ray-tracing hardware. This means that your games will look more lively, as the new powerful tech more accurately portrays the effect of light bouncing around a scene.

VR support

Whether you find VR games to be part of the Xbox Two, it’s probably worth holding back for a little bit on your expectations. Microsoft’s chief marketing officer, Mike Nichols, said the company does not have any specific plans for Xbox consoles in virtual reality or mixed reality.


Just like details about the hardware specs of the Xbox Two, there’s very little to do about the games you’re going to be able to enjoy on the new consoles of Microsoft. Wait for a new version of Halo and Gears of War. You can expect a new Forza Motorsport and a slew of new games that their engineers are currently working on.

Final Words

These are the points that show what we can expect from the XBOX 2 and Playstation 5. Although users can enjoy their favourite games on these powerful devices, they can connect them to their TVs using an HDMI 4k cable. You can expect many other features from Microsoft and Sony as they will be competing for new and existing buyers to sell their products. Till then, gamers need to wait for a few more months for the launch of these devices.


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