Top smartphone apps for June 13th-19th

Thomas Wellburn
June 21, 2016

Apps are the reason why we love our smartphones so much; it’s like having tons of useful little assistants at your beck and call. So why not recruit some new ones to get you through the week! Here’s our top smartphone apps for June 13th-19th!

Nero Streaming Player (Android and iOS)

top smartphone apps june

One of our top smartphone apps for June 13th-19th is the popular casting tool Nero Streaming Player, which has gotten a pretty useful update. The patch includes the ability to zoom into photos and rotate them quickly on the smartphone, with the actions mirrored on your Smart TV. This gesture control makes it the first casting app to really support these features. On top of this, you also get all the usual stuff such as 4K support and the ability to share all your multimedia content to a DLNA compatible device.

dotloop (Android and iOS)

top smartphone apps june

dotloop is an application that targets real estate agents who want to easily manage their documents and files in one easy-to-use system. Currently used by over 1.2 million real estate professionals, it finally makes the debut on Android after almost two months. The app includes a wealth of features such as push notifications for when you receive a signed document and the ability to create loops on the go from office-provided templates.

iStaging – Interior design (Android only)

top smartphone apps june

Interior design has never been more interesting thanks to the new iStaging application. Designed to incorporate the latest augmented and virtual reality technologies, the application allows you to create virtual surroundings complete with your own choice of furnishings. You can then throw on the headset and get a tour of the pad in full VR, allowing you get a realistic feel for the room. Once your happy with the pad, take pictures and share your designs over social media so other people can see your creations too.

Tweak Photos – Batch Image Editing Made Way (iOS only)

top smartphone apps june

Editing lots of photos is always a pain, especially when you need to go through them one at a time. Tweak Photos is a new batch image editing application which makes the process surprisingly easy, with quick auto-correction tools on the fly. You can set up a ton of different presets that will scour your library and apply any adjustments you wish, including de-noise and watermarking. All this is presented in a simple interface that users of products such as Adobe Lightroom will no doubt appreciate.

Opera (Android, iOS and Windows)

Top smartphone apps for June

Opera got a huge update not long ago that brought ad-blocking features to the desktop application; these have now finally arrived to mobile versions as well. Today, the update goes live on all popular operating systems (including Windows Phone), meaning that you’ll be able to enjoy the much requested feature. The ad-blocker will not be enabled by default and must be turned on in the settings menu by hitting the Opera ‘O’ symbol.

That’s our top smartphone apps for June 13th-19th. For more on apps, visit What Mobile’s dedicated apps page.

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