Pokémon Go dating site ‘Pokédates’ launches

Thomas Wellburn
July 20, 2016

Pokédates is a new dating service specifically targeted at Pokémon Go users, that allows players to meet up and hunt their favourite fictional critters together.

Just when you thought the Pokémon Go craze couldn’t possibly get any more insane, along comes a dating site to re-ignite those those. Pokédates is a service set up by Project Fixup, a company who already has a popular dating service with a unique selling point. Rather than relying on an algorithm for finding that perfect someone, Project Fixup matches couples using human employees and manual labour, which they believe leads to a more natural pairing.

This process will be carried across for Pokédates, pairing people with similar interests so that they can go out together and presumably… catch Pokémon or something. Project Fixup is no stranger to themed dates, previously organising bike rides and other social meets. For Pokédates, the service coordinates things from start to finish, hand-selecting a match based on availability and then selecting the most convenient Pokéthemed place to meet. We can only imagine the amount of Pidgeys that will be caught…

Pokédates is Pokéxpensive

There’s currently no cost to sign up and the first PokéDate is free if you use the promo code “POKEDATES2016”, though later meetings will costs a ludicrous $20… which is pretty expensive for something you can probably organise yourself over Tinder.

Since many people could see this as a prank or marketing spin that takes advantage of the games success, Project Fixup has included a handy statement on their site claiming “This is not a joke. Pokédates is a real service”. The dating site currently hails from the United States, so we doubt that you can use the service here in the UK. That said, if it turns out to be popular we wouldn’t be surprised.

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Source: The Verge

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