How to level up quick on Pokémon Go

Manny Pham
July 20, 2016

We found out how to level up quick on Pokémon Go so you can cheese your way to being the very best, like no one ever was.  

If you’ve been playing Niantic’s addictive augmented reality game for long enough, you start to realise your level matters in terms of game experience. Levelling up high enough opens up more chance to catch mystical Pokémon such as Dratini, and just as rare ancient Pokémon, like Omanyte. That being said you’re still within a chance of finding them, we found a Kabutops at the lowly level of seven.

Being low level may seem incredibly boring with constant alerts for Caterpie, Pidgey and Weedle. But these particular Pokémon are paramount to levelling up, no matter what level you are. All three require only 12 candies to evolve, yielding 500 experience points. The same amount you’ll get from evolving ANY Pokémon in the game. Couple this with a lucky egg, an item that doubles your experience points for half an hour, you can get 1000 experience points for every Pidgey evolution.

Niantic could possibly patch this by yielding less experience points for those three Pokémon in future, but until then we’re going to exploit the crap of it.

Level up quick on Pokémon Go 

Step 1: Pidgey grinding is essential, although Caterpie and Weedle are just as good, they aren’t as common as our feathery friend. Unless you live in a treehouse in the forest that is. But players have ben reporting on the lack of Pokémon in rural areas. Cities are full of Pokestops and landmarks, making them the idea place for Pokémon to spawn.

Since it makes geographical sense for Pidgey to reside in a city, Niantic has made it so that the common Pokémon appears often there. So catch a ton of Pidgeys.

Step 2: caught a bunch? Great. Pidgey grinding has become such a known exploit that there is now a dedicated website to work out how many Pidgeys you can evolve in the half hour you have with the lucky egg effect.

For example we have 17 Pidgeys and 124 Pidgey candies. The calculators worked out we can evolve all 12 in 5.5 minutes, meaning we still have under 25 minutes with the lucky egg going to waste if we were to pop it now!

The site tells us you can evolve 60 Pokémon in a 30 minute sitting, so use the calculator and count up how many you have ready to evolve.

Step 3: now you’re ready to carry out the procedure. Close down all your other apps, put your phone on silent and make sure your Internet connection is strong.

Start by popping a lucky egg, which will then prompt you with a 30 minute timer. Head over to your Pidgeys and start evolving them one-by-one until the timer is done. If you’re incredibly dextrous and still got a couple of minutes, evolve any of your other Pokémon that are able to.

Finally: that’s it, that’s how to level up quick on Pokémon go. Now rinse and repeat if levelling really means that much to you. Just don’t forget to play and enjoy the game. Don’t be the crazy cat lady of Pidgeys.

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