iPads trump PCs as preferred email checkers

Alex Walls
January 24, 2013

iPads have trumped PCs as the preferred device to check emails.

Research released by Perion and spotted by The Next Web found that in an online survey of 4,400 adults aged over 18 in the United States, 55% of respondents preferred to use an iPad to read emails, followed by PCs or Macs at 32% and mobile phones at 10%.   iPads were also the most popular devices for writing emails, at 48%, followed by PCs or Macs at 41% and mobile phones at 9%.

Ninety percent of those surveyed said using email on the iPad was either very or extremely important and two thirds checked email on their iPad more than three times a day.   Only 41% said they were extremely satisfied with the email apps they used, the research company said – but then, if it’s not making you a pizza while doing your work for you, who would be?

Apple Mail was the favourite app for 41% of respondents, which is relatively unsurprising, given it was based on iPad users who may not have tried any other email client.   Gmail followed at 31% and Hotmail sat at 13%, with 18% of (I would suspect, less tech savvy) users opening web browsers and accessing webmail rather than using an app. I mean, time wastage, amirite?

Sixty six percent of the respondents were women, who showed stronger satisfaction with using iPads for reading emails and who were more likely to send emails compared with men, the company said.   Women were more likely to use their iPads for personal emails only at 68%, while 52% of men sent business emails as well, hopefully not from the same email address.

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