How to use WhatsApp on your Windows PC or Apple Mac

Thomas Wellburn
May 17, 2016

WhatsApp rules the mobile space and is the number 1 messaging app currently available. Sadly, it doesn’t yet have a true native application for PC and Mac users, but that hasn’t stopped the company from developing workarounds. Some of you may be totally unaware that it’s possible to use WhatsApp on the web very easily, with the experience being very akin to old-school messenger apps like MSN. We’ve compiled a very quick and easy How To guide on setting it up, so that you can respond from the comfort of your laptop too.


Using the web-based application


1. Download the WhatsApp application for your mobile device.

Head to your respective app store and download the app. WhatsApp web works on all major mobile platforms, including BB10 and Windows Phone.



2. Navigate to on your desktop browser.

Open up your web browser and head to the link outlined above. You’ll be confronted with a bright green screen with a giant QR code in the center.


3. On your handset, locate the ‘WhatsApp Web’ option hiding in the menu.

The option should be found in the top right drop-down menu on most devices.


4. Scan the QR code shown on the desktop screen.

After clicking on the ‘WhatsApp Web’ link, you’ll be confronted with a QR Code scanner. Point it at the code on the screen to start the process.


5. You’re now all set to enjoy WhatsApp on your browser!

If the code is recognized, you should now see all your contacts displayed on the desktop screen much like the mobile app!

IMAG0228 portrait



Using the desktop application


1. Head to and get the dedicated application.

Windows users can run the .exe file and install normally, while Mac users will need to unzip the file into their applications folder.


2. Same steps as the mobile application!

Once installed, load the app and you’ll be confronted with a similar QR Code in the middle of the screen. Scan it with the camera on your mobile device and you’re all set!

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