Friday Lolz: Facebook Home means more Facebook Fails

Alex Walls
April 5, 2013

Facebook’s announcement that it had developed a family of apps called Facebook Home opens up some interesting possibilities.

Home sinks Facebook’s Newsfeed into your home and lock screen, which raises the question of just how happy your friends are going to be that status gold like ‘OMG ROFL TOTES JUST BAILED ON MY JOB TO DRINK LIQUID CHEESE N WATCH STAR WARS’ is displayed to the world, or any enterprising robbers. Data mining has never been so easy.

The new suite of apps, as Facebook calls it, also notifies users when friends send them messages, no matter what they’re doing on their phone.

Basically, it’s Facebook overload, which will be paradise to any social network lovers out there – instant and constant access to your Facebook feed, no matter what you’re doing on your mobile.  And where Facebook goes, Fail is sure to follow.

In honour of the looming increase in Facebook mishaps that is sure to occur following the release of Home, we’ve compiled some of our favourites for you to enjoy on your Friday:

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