Earn money from trying out mobile apps? Let’s look at Crowdville

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July 20, 2018

It’s impossible nowadays to pick up your smartphone and not log into an app – whether you’re catching up on the latest on Facebook, posting pictures of your holiday on Instagram or even managing your finances on a banking app. I’m guilty of it all the time. We all are. When was the last time you made eye contact with someone on the tube or bus? We’ve got the whole world at our fingertips – something that was unimaginable in the not too distant past.

Did you ever think it was possible to have any sort of influence on these very apps that we use on a daily basis though? Sure, if you work for one of these multi-million pound brands then of course it’s possible. But what about real people like you and me who merely download apps from our respective app store?

Being able to contribute to an app’s development is actually a lot closer than you think. And the best news? You can even get paid too.

Crowdville is a new platform in the UK, despite being active in Italy since 2014, and it allows brands to test out their upcoming app releases on a community of real people. On Crowdville you get an exclusive pre-look at exciting, future app releases from big brands, you give your feedback and you then get paid. Crowdville allows you to be a co-creator and you get genuine ownership on new apps that will be used by millions of people. Exciting, huh?

Over 30,000 people in Italy have already signed up to Crowdville and it represents a convenient way to earn money using your own smartphone (Apple or Android) all from the comfort of your own home.

Tasks on Crowdville are referred to as Missions, and as long as you complete these you are guaranteed to earn money – either by bank transfer of in Amazon vouchers. Missions can range from simple surveys asking all about your user experience on a certain app to more technical bug finding challenges. You can earn up to £14 for each bug that’s accepted by Crowdville’s team, so it’s very possible to make a pretty penny from their missions.

Crowdville is completely free to sign up, and with the first paid British Mission due to start on Monday 23rd July, it’s the perfect time to get familiar with how Crowdville works before the big day.

To sign up, just head to (you can register using your Facebook login) and complete your profile. Within the community there is a handy guide to get you started, while their friendly team are always available to answer any questions you may have.

We’re looking forward to seeing Crowdville’s Missions for ourselves, so sign up today and see how much you can earn.

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