CoPilot Live 8 Truck protects bridges and sleepy villages across UK

Jonathan Morris
September 6, 2010

ALK has announced CoPilot Live v8 Truck, featuring maps that will keep large vehicles away from low bridges, narrow roads and villages throughout the UK.

Drivers will be invited to enter their vehicle dimensions and load type into the software, and an appropriate route will be calculated to take into account a range of hazards – such as low bridges, height/weight/length restrictions and other restrictions for carrying hazardous material etc.

In addition to the map data that includes all of the necessary data for drivers of trucks, coaches and other large vehicles, the software also includes a number of useful Points of Interest, like truck stops, rest areas and weigh stations.

CoPilot Live v8 Truck is available now for Windows Mobile, with a single region map available for £114.99 or the whole of Europe for £159.99. Versions for iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones will be released before the end of 2010.

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