Angry Birds coming to Android on Friday

Jonathan Morris
September 1, 2010

Angry Birds, the best selling game for iPhone, is finally coming to Android – but if you want in then you’ll need to sign up for the beta trial.

We’re not entirely sure why Rovio, the developer of the hugely addictive game (which they also believe may one day become a movie!) has opted to release it in beta-form, given the time they’ve taken to port the game, but we’re not going to miss out and have signed up right away!

If you fancy getting an early release, get over to and give them your name, email address and the phone you have.

There’s no ‘opt-out’ box, so we have to hope Rovio is not planning to do anything nasty with our email address, besides telling us how we can get the download on Friday and news of other games, as we’d hate to have to fire some angry birds of our own at their Helsinki offices!

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