How To Choose A Great VPN Provider

Cormac Reynolds
July 9, 2019

These days, surviving without the internet would seem like a mission impossible. However, with so many hackers out there, as well as spies just waiting for the next person to make a mistake and become their next victim, the internet is not always the safest play to be. Hence, online security isn’t just an option it has now become a mandatory step to ensure safety when online. Talking of internet security, VPN is a state-of-the-art shield which provides protection for everything that passes through servers online. This means that while you are chatting, browsing, shopping or streaming, your VPN is going to ensure that you are safe and provide you with various perks. Let’s take a look at how a VPN works.

What Do We Mean By A VPN?

A Virtual Private Network (abbreviated to VPN) is a software which gives your online security an extra layer of protection, hence your internet connection is better-shielded from intruders who want to find their way in without you being aware of it. As well as this, VPN unblocks websites and apps which the government or owners have placed geographical restrictions on. Often when streaming websites like Netflix this can be an issue.

What Protection DoesVPN Give You Online?

A VPN is made up of two main components; server and protocol. Strong protocols give a base for strong security, some examples of these are PPTP, L2TP-IPsec, OpenVPN (TCP, UDP) which establish encryption. Hence both your outgoing and incoming data is encrypted so that it cannot be used by anyone else.

In addition, you make payments to your internet service provider (ISP) so that you can have access to the internet via server. VPN providers have ownership os VPN servers in different countries. This means that when you opt for a VPN server your IP address becomes the server which the VPN provider owns. This means that websites and apps cannot pinpoint what your actual location is.

Why Would I Need A VPN?

You may feel that you are not in danger from hackers since you have your own Wi-Fi and do not use public networks or free Wi-Fi zones. However, the personal internet connection that you use has a password which could be decrypted by a hacker who knows what they are doing. In fact, it’s not just the issue of using free Wi-Fi. Anyone who uses the internet connection that you use can access all of the data that is coming in and out with relative ease. Mobile devices are particularly vulberable. Check out the best iPhone VPNs.

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Every account that you have is vulnerable and that includes your online baking, social media accounts, streaming sites and so forth. It is not unusual for cybercriminals to frame an innocent person by using their account to carry out criminal activities. You may end up facing legal charges if this happens. Individuals in law enforcement make profiles for users using their preferences which are gathered when they are online. The sites and apps you visit and how often you do so are also noted. As well as this, businesses gather your information so that they can expose you to relevant ads.

If you are still questioning how important a VPN is to you the answer is that it can prevent the tracking we have outlined above and ensure that you have a safer system when it comes to hackers.

Anyone can see your public IP address. Check your IP.


It is not enough to simply know that a VPN can give you ideal online surveillance and protect you from cyber threats, you also need to know how to choose a VPN, this is especially true if you are a new VPN user. Below are the main areas you should consider when choosing a VPN that is best for you and your needs.

Locations Of Services

Firstly, you should identify which countries the VPN service operates in. If services are not available in your country there will be no regional servers for you to use. Take the time to browse VPN providers by country or look at the list of countries each has on their website.

The Number Of Servers

All basic guides for choosing a VPN service will outline the need to check the number of servers. There could be hundreds of users who are all connected to the same server at the same time. When more servers are used there is a better choice and less risk of slow loading. Hence, you will not see a significant change in your internet speed when you switch on your VPN.

Look At The User Legal Policy

Each country has laws in place for internet use and activity. There are a lot of law enforcement agencies who may interfere with user privacy under the name of national security. Such agencies keep user log, something that VPN providers may do too. Sometimes this data is then sold for neuromarketing purposes. Although often this happens with smaller VPNs. Hence it is important to choose a provider that does not keep user logs.

VPN Applications

Some VPN providers will ensure that their software works well across all operating systems like Android, Windows and so forth, as well as multiple devices like tablets and smartphones. If a VPN provider offers dedicated applications for various OS they do tend to be superior. Take the time to find the best VPN add before you make your choice.

Consider The Customer Care Provided

You may run into problems when running your VPN hence companies that provide 24/7 live chat and are able to solve issues quickly are a good option. How a company treats its customers says a lot about how reliable they will be as a VPN provider. This is especially true if you need to talk to representatives about issues with blocked sites.

A Free VPN Trial

A lot of VPN providers will offer free trials for new users that usually last a few days. Once you have tried it out you will be able to decide if you want to commit or not. Often you can get a money-back guarantee for a limited period which shows how sure the VPN provider is in the services that they offer.

Look At The Subscription Plans

The prices that VPN providers charge varies a lot, however, the cheapest options are not always the worst and the most expensive options are not always the ones best suited. One good choice is a flexible payment plan, as well as a choice of subscription packages. You can usually get better value for money if you opt for a long term subscription such as a 1,2 or even 3-year plan.

Multiple Devices

You can use a single VPN account across a number of devices that have a different OS. Some VPN providers may offer a subscription plan that is a little more expensive but that allows you to connect a number of devices at the same time. You can tend to connect 3 to 6 devices at the same time with reliable VPNs but the policy the company has will determine this.

Reviews From Current Users

User reviews tend to reveal everything from how good the customer care is to the internet speed. We may be mentioning this last but it is actually the most effective way since you learn from people who have already tried and tested the service. Hence you can gauge how good the VPN service is. You are also able to check ratings for various VPN providers who are on your shortlist.

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