App Review: Stuff To Do, for all your procrastination needs

Alex Walls
April 4, 2013

Stuff To Do!

Enigma Interactive

Free on Apple iOS, coming soon to Android

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Stuff To Do! is a home grown mobile app for, well, making lists.

Made by a company based in Newcastle upon Tyne, it’s very simple to use, the walk through guide is easy to understand and most importantly, quick, and the app sure does, well, enable making lists.

You add events to the app by tapping plus, writing in your reminder or goal and adding notes  as necessary. Choose a text and background colour to make it stand out and once you’ve saved the task, pinch to increase its size and thus, importance. Hold down on the post to re-order it, swipe left to delete and right to complete (or right again to remove it, once you realise you’ve forgotten some integral part of the task, like actually doing it).

The number of tasks you have incomplete is the number of notifications the app icon will have showing on your home screen, but there’s no option for reminder tie-ins or alarm settings.  There’s also not much else the app does; it makes lists.

However, given that its tag line is ‘The world’s simplest To Do List app’, perhaps that’s part of the appeal (fiddling with alarms that set themselves six days and seven hours in advance can be a painful process.)

The free version comes with a choice of six background and text colours (plus none) and it’s a nice looking app.  The paid version, for £0.69, offers an unlimited number of tasks within multiple To Do lists and more colour and shade options.

So, the paid version is not worth your money. The free version probably is – it’s simple, it’s a quiet reminder on your phone, it fulfils the basic requirements of list making (1. Write task 2. Complete task 3. Tick it off) as well as some of the more nebulous ones (1. Write list to procrastinate from actually completing task. 2. Ensure list is colour coded 3. Try out different colours, fonts and styles to ensure list, and thus task completion, is optimized 4. Begin list by flamboyant method of ticking off first item: Make To Do List).

As a list making app goes, Stuff to Do! does its job.

Or,  you could just use Notes, without the flare.

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