Review: Juice Stand 10W Wireless charging stand

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August 26, 2020

More and more of our mobile phones these days are Qi-compatible, so it’s understandable that basically every mobile phone accessory brand has entered the wireless charging sector.

In this review, we have covered the Juice Stand 10W Power wireless charging stand that costs £24.99.

This wireless charger is made of aluminium on the back and a plastic cover on the front that has a white cross in the centre and an LED light in the shape of a play symbol in the top right corner.

On the side of the charger, you have a Micro USB port as this charger is powered by the mains and you are given a mains adapter and 1.5m Micro USB cable in order for you to run power to the charger.

You may notice there is a small opening at the bottom of the charger and I did wonder why. Then that lightbulb moment hit me, and I realised it was so the charging pad could turn into a stand.

On the back of the charger, you will see an aluminium plate. It is a little tricky to remove it but once you do free the metal plate you slide it through the opening and bingo you have created the stand.

Juice states this charger is only for the likes of Samsung S8/S9 & Apple iPhone 8 to the 11 Pro. However, You can use this for any device that is Qi-compatible. Charging times may be different depending on what you’re trying to charge.

Typical charging times are as follows:




iPhone 8

1hr 20min

3 hrs

iPhone X/XR/XS

1hr 30min

3 hrs 30 min

iPhone 11/11 Pro

1hr 30min

4 hrs

Samsung S8/S9

1hr 30min

3hrs 30min

I have tested this using my iPhone X and it works perfectly. You will notice when you place your phone onto the charging pad the LED light becomes green for 20secs then turns to a solid white LED light.

If you are looking for a wireless charger that is ideal for your office desk or if you just want one to sit in the corner of your living room. Then the Juice Stand 10W is a great little purchase and for only £24.99 it’s very affordable and very handy and allows you to put all those lightning cables back in the drawer.

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