Review: Cygnett Charge-up Pro 20,000 mAH USB-C Power Bank

Stephen Watson
April 2, 2020

Cygnett ChargeUp Pro 20K – £119.95 via

The Cygnett ChargeUp Pro is a powerful beast of a powerbank with a monstrous price tag.

Those looking for a portable easy to carry battery might have to look elsewhere, its half the size of a paperback novel and being quite heavy at 450 grams. Its definitely more for those who carry a lot of tech in their backpack – having it just for your smartphone is ludicrous.

The 20,000mAh battery is a lifesaver for those that carry multiple pieces of tech, usually a laptop, smartphone and maybe even a Nintendo Switch.

The design is practical with soft-touch plastic implemented so pulling it out of your bag is a comfortable experience. Glossy plastic runs near the USB ports to give it a classy look. You get four ports: USB-C, USB-A 3.0 and two USB-A 2.0. They are accompanied by a satisfying to press the power button. There are four LED lights to indicate the power bank’s charge.

What has made me fall in love with this powerbank is the versatility. It can charge almost anything – on the box Cygnett claim, it is compatible with the MacBook Pro, HP and Lenovo laptops.

It can keep up with my 15-inch MacBook Pro, I had to charge it up to give it a head start when I worked on the go. The capacity is incredible. When charging my phone, another phone and a Nintendo Switch there was hardly a dent to the power levels.

A key selling point is Qualcomm Quickcharge 3.0 on the blue USB 3.0 port that can keep top range smartphone topped up in quick time.


The ChargeUp Pro 20K is super practical for those that have enough tech on them to make an Android look naked. It can charge most devices at great speed and most importantly, it is compatible with the majority of popular laptops, smartphones and tablets. But be warned, it’s a hefty powerbank.

Product Review – 5 Stars

The Cygnett ChargeUp Pro 20K – £119.95 via


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