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January 16, 2019

iSINE CIPHER Bluetooth Module Available Now on

Audeze, a global leader in premium audio, is pleased to announce the release of its new Bluetooth iSINE in-ear headphones. The CIPHER Bluetooth Modules will also be available as a detachable, lightweight device that will turn any Audeze existing iSINE headphone into a fully mobile Bluetooth headset.

Customers will finally be able to enjoy the peerless audio quality of Audeze’s critically acclaimed in-ear headphones coupled with the utility of next-generation Bluetooth technology. Boasting a Bluetooth 5.0 chipset with support for aptX and aptX HD, Audeze’s CIPHER Bluetooth Module offers 24-bit high-resolution audio quality with low-latency, custom DSP programming and seamless compatibility with the latest and greatest Bluetooth devices.

The CIPHER Bluetooth Module also comes with a built-in high-performance microphone capable of delivering crystal-clear call quality. Along with a high-capacity lithium battery allowing for up to 8 hours of continuous play, this product will afford users a high degree of functionality and freedom, making it a perfect companion to Audeze’s iSINE in-ear line.

The iSINE series of in-ear headphones, the choice for artists and audiophiles worldwide, combines innovative technology and avant-garde design to deliver an immersive, dynamic music experience unlike any other in-ear. The CIPHER Bluetooth Module can be purchased as a bundle with the iSINE20 or iSINE10 for £599 or £399 respectively. Additionally, the CIPHER Bluetooth Module is available for purchase as a stand-alone accessory for £89 and will work with all existing iSINE headphones.

On sale from February 11th, 2019 on

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