Review: Tile Mate- Bluetooth Tracker

Stephen Watson
November 3, 2019

The Tile Mate Available for £19.99 from The Tile

The Tile Mate is the cheaper version of the Tile Pro that I have reviewed in the past and only costs £19.99 compared to the pro at £29.99. 

The Tile Mate is a Bluetooth tracking device that allows you to find keys or a bag or anything in reason. You have the companion app which is free to download and it required to use the device and can be used for either IOS or Android so anyone can use a tile as long as you have a smartphone. 

Design-wise its smaller than the Tile Pro in the picture below and the tile mate is mainly made of plastic and comes in white with a grey circle in the middle with the Tile branding on this circle which is also the button for turning off the alarm once keys found or press twice to even find your phone.  Size-wise as mentioned the mate is the smallest version of the Tile and compared to the pro it’s 3.5mm smaller. It also has a small hole in the corner meaning you can connect to your keyring.

Linking the Tile Mate to the app is a very simple process can be done in less than 1 minute on the app. All you need to do is follow the instructions and you will pair it in no time.  You will notice that not only can use get the tile to put in your keys but they also come built-in to things like the Bose sound sport headphones, Sennheiser momentum headphones, Skullcandy products like the crusher ANC & Venue headphones. Plus other products like Herschel wallet. 

You will notice you can run the tile of Apple iPad, iPad mini or the Apple watch plus more android devices running Bluetooth 4.0 or later. The Tile Mate has a range of 200ft compared to the tile pro that has double the range. You will also notice the volume is louder on the pro but the mate is not a low sound you will hear it when trying to find your keys for example. 

The Tile Mate is dust and water-resistant to IP55 rating so its safe if you dropped your keys into a puddle and grabbed them quickly but if they happen to go in the washing machine kiss your tile goodbye. 

When I reviewed the pro I had the issue that this Tile only had a 1-year life span its still the case with the Tile Mate but you can now replace the battery with the mate something am unable to do with my pro version. However, you can upgrade to Tile Premium. You’re given a free month trial followed by monthly payments of £2.50 per month which gives you smart alerts meaning you will never leave the house without your keys it also sends you free battery replacement, location history, extended warranty, unlimited sharing so family members can also find your keys if you want. 

Now this is all fine but at £30 over a year (£2.50 per month) why would you not just buy a new one in a year for £19.99 and save £10 a year but I do see why people might consider this option. 

Overall, The Tile Mate is a great little device for those who lose their keys in the house and are in a rush and need to find them this device is perfect. It’s also ideal for those who misplace your smartphone. The only issue I have with the Tile Mate is it only has a range of 200ft which is not a massive distance. However, If you are out of range the app will indicate the last known location. 

The Tile Mate Available for £19.99 from The Tile 

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