Review: Homedics Zen Pillow

Stephen Watson
April 24, 2020

We are all currently in the middle of the coronavirus outbreak and lots of people are having to deal with a lot of extra stress. Well, recently I have been sent the Homedics Zen Pillow to help me chill out in this stressful time.   

This pillow costs £127 via Littlewoods or you can find it currently for £100 at so let’s see if this product is any good. 

This massage pillow delivers a smooth-rolling neck massage which gently eases away any tension in your neck with a 30-minute program that can be used with 2 meditation tracks and you also have an aroma tab that really does help you chill out. As you can pour a few drops of massage oil which reading scent adding to the experience.

When you get this out of the box you need to give it a full charge and this takes 2.5 hours.and this is done as you are given a mains charger. Once charged its time to enjoy and relax.

This pillow has an auto massage reverse action which has 2 different massage modes that it will switch between each other in that 30 min period. Fall asleep midway do not worry as you have a 30 min program and then it will automatically switch off.

This pillow comes with a multi-layered foam for ultimate comfort meaning this pillow is great for your neck or personally my lower back I found it great to get the aches and pains away.

If there were a few improvements I found put forward I would prefer an app that would store the meditation tracks and I would also like some more massage settings as you only get 2 different massage mechanisms. Apart from that to get rid of the stress of the lockdown this product is ideal and the fact you can add meditation tacks and massage oils on the tab it also allows to have a fantastic chill-out period.

Homedics Zen Meditation Pillow – £127 via


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