Review: EarFun Free True Wireless Earbuds

Jasper Hart
October 31, 2019

The EarFun Free are available for £45.99 via Amazon

EarFun is an American company offering attractively priced audio accessories. Its latest product is the EarFun Free pair of wireless earbuds.

They’re available from the company’s site for $49.99 which, to be honest, is a great price when most people would consider double that to still be the cost of a budget pair of earbuds.

They make a good first impression, coming in a sturdy plastic box that doubles as their charger. Just pop them in and they fit snugly, snap the box shut, and you’re away. I’m not sure how long the earbuds are supposed to last, but it’s certainly a long time, and they’ve never threatened to fall below 80 per cent while I’ve used them, the longest time probably being around two hours.

The box (USB-C compatible), has also never run out of juice. A quick 15 minutes once it’s fallen to two white LEDs by the lid, and it’s back to nearly full.

Out of the box and in the ear I thought the earbuds looked a little bulbous and bulky, a thought that turned out to be true. However, after some initial amusement I got over it, and haven’t attracted any odd looks from passersby (to my knowledge). They also fit very comfortably, and come with different sized buds for people with different sized ears.

Additionally, they’re rated IPX7 waterproof (and I have dropped one in a puddle only to see it carry on unscathed) and after the first time pairing with my iPhone SE, they automatically return to it whenever I turn its Bluetooth on. They also worked well with the new Google Pixel 4XL.

The buds have a standard range of functionalities but they don’t have volume control. You can play and pause music by touching either bud once, skip a song by tapping the left bud twice (or go one song back by tapping it three times), call up your phone’s virtual assistant by tapping the right bud twice, and answer calls by tapping it once. All these worked absolutely fine, with maybe a second’s delay when pausing or playing a song. They also don’t feel too much like you’re jabbing your ears too hard.

When it comes to listening, the sound quality is good, not great, but this is the trade-off to buying earbuds for this kind of price. Quality is fine, volume is pretty loud, and noise cancellation is pretty strong as well – to the point where if you’re not listening to music but need to talk to someone in a busy area you’ll probably need to take them out.

However, the noise cancellation does help massively with calls, which are easy to respond to with one tap and have a good quality sound, ensuring you can hear them in a busy part of town.

Overall, the only real gripe I have with these is that they don’t sound better, but that’s just splitting hairs when it comes to this price point. While you might have to add a bit on for extra shipping, you’re still getting a very handsomely priced pair of buds that work really well and never lose their connection. They also come in black!

The EarFun Free are available for £45.99 via Amazon 

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